Patch-Notes: 17/07/2019 (English)


  • The Awake window has been redesigned and offers the possibility highlight certain values with a color.
  • A New shorter Slayer Attack (1on1) Animation has been Added (Damage adjusted)
    • The 1on1 DPS is currently the highest of all classes.
  • The Billposter AoE has become STR dependent.
  • The Jester/Harlequin got a new STR AoE-Skill with a large range.
    • The Skill is deactivated in the Guild Siege Arena!
    • Changes to the skill may follow in the future!
  • - Spirit Bomb Cast accelerated by +30%.
  • No Nerfs for the other classes.
  • Ringmasters can no longer buff other Players in the Guild Siege viewer area.
  • The "X" key to slow down your character has been disabled in the Guild Siege Arena.
  • Following a different character with the "Z" key has been disabled in the Guild Siege Arena.
  • At the Dungeon Re-Entrie System you will no longer be teleported to Flaris but to Darkon City.
  • The Black Vampire Weapons are available in the Magma Cave Exchanger!
  • The Black Snowman Set (M) is available in the Magma Cave Exchanger!
  • Some models that have been added to the game, will be available in the future for special events, shop promotions or in black markets in the game!
  • The NPC Names in Venux are displayed again.
  • The black market was pre-set for the next 2 months!
    • Playerside = Every Week
    • Serverside = Every Two Weeks
  • Smaller text adjustments.
  • Security & Bugfixes.
  • Adjustments to the server and the database.
  • The summer event will start completely at 05:00 - UTC+2!
    • The Event news will follow!
  • More updates with your suggestions will follow in the next patch! Stay tuned!




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  • Server Time10:47 PM
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