Events, Patch Information & Sale! (English)

We have good news for you! Next week you can expect our new patch with our new content!
There are two new dungeons waiting for you and two new additional systems to improve your character!
Also some of the user suggestions of the last weeks have been implemented!

You will also find some new items in the Guild Siege!

The upcoming PvP Balance and all the new content will be tested by some players this weekend!

We're also preparing some new events for the future, so there's always something new for you!

There will also be two new Premium Bundles available soon!
So you still have some time to buy the current bundles, which won't be available for a long time!

Some more informations on upcoming patches can be found in the  Nitro Server Boost Channel on our Discord Server!
You can become a   Nitro Server Booster if you have the Complete Nitro Package in Discord!

We also organize some giveaways there with which you can win Entropia Points, Treasures or Models!
These giveaways will be regular after the upcoming patch!
So if you have a Discord Nitro subscription, give us a free Nitro Server Boost!
**You'll get a Pink Name and a  Nitro Boost Emblem on our Discord!

The EXP x1.5 weekend has started!
Use the opportunity to level up your character!

The Pinata Weekend Event has started!
Hunt the Pinatas over Madrigal (+Trigrem/Ethral) and get Pinata Boxes which contain valuable Power-Ups, Premium, Badges and more!
(Spawn on CH1, CH2 & CH3)

The Riot+ event has been started until tomorrow (24.08.2019 - 06:45 PM)!
The event serves as compensation for the downtime on Monday!
The event will end manually tomorrow at 06:45 PM

The Loyalty Treasures are available in the Premium Shop until Sunday - 23:59!

You can randomly receive one of these items:

Entropia Golem: All Stats +50, Speed+25%, PvE Damage+25% (= Farmable Venux Horse Stats)




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