Patch-Notes: 05/09/2019 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community!

Our latest patch "The Kingdom of Madrigal" is now live on our server!
Some new content is waiting for experienced players!

Some content is also available for new players on our old content!

There have also been many other customizations, class balance changes, fixes, QoL features,
Event & Sale preparations on the server for you!

Two new systems & dungeons are waiting for you!

First of all we would like to say that some slight changes to the new content (dungeons, balance etc.;)
will be made by us in the next hours or days!

If you have any opinions, suggestions or find mistakes, please let us know it via a ticket on the homepage
or on our Discord Server!

We hope you like our latest patch and will have a lot of fun with it in the future!

After this patch more smaller patches will follow every week for you!
Be curious about many more new PvE and PvP content & features in the future!

The kingdom in the Heaven of Madrigal was conquered by a devilish creature called "Saphira"!
She is focused on the Infinity Stones of the Gods of Madrigal, which have given her indescribable powers.
She did everything he could do, to get them!

The Infinity Guardian "Athene" (Guardian of the Gods of Madrigal) 
was the only one who was able to save himself from the kingdom through a portal to the human world of Madrigal.

Help her re-conquer the kingdom conquered by Saphira in the Heaven of Madrigal and protect the Infinity Stones!
To help you, she will let you use the Infinity Stones with her Heavenly Magic!

Save the Kingdom in the Heaven from Madrigal...
Save Madrigal!

In the "Kingdom - Heaven of Madrigal" Dungeon, the Queen Saphira awaits you with her Holo Army and Attendants!
Help Athena to bring back the Kingdom of the Gods to her and to kill "Saphira" for Madrigal!

Her servants and projected holograms have unprecedented abilities and powerful spells!
Be sure to be well equipped with your companions to win the battle!

From the chests in the dungeon you can get Infinity Treasures with a 20 percent chance,
which can contain Infinity Stones!

Athena gives you the power of Infinity Stones to help you to reclaim the kingdom of Madrigal.
The Infinity Grid has been bound to your character by Athena and can only be used by her.

For the Infinity Grid, you will need to earn Infinity Points, which will be shown in the Infinity Grid or as a Buff in the Top right corner of your window.

You can get Infinity Points by completing Tasks such as:
- Killing Monsters -
- Killing Boss Monsters -
- Daily Quests in Kebaria/Aurania -
- Collect on the Collectorfield -
- Killing people in the Guild Siege/Rumble -
- Recycle Infinity Stones -

With the Infinity IP-Stone from the Vote Shop you get the double amount of Infinity Points for 2 hours!

The Infinity Points got a Weekly Farm Limit:
- You can collect up to 500.000 Infinity Points per Week -
*A scroll that gives you double Infinity Points for two hours is available in the Vote Shop!
*Events where you can receive additional Infinity Points, will follow in the future!

Infinity Grid - Explained:
The Infinity grid is about to get the best out of it over a longer period of time.
The Stones on the outside will give you 1 to 5 random status values depending on the stone.
The Insert/Removal costs are starting from 7.500 to 25.000 Infinity Points (Depending on the Stone)

The Middle Crystals are there for every character from the beginning and can be levelled up for infinity points.

Crystal Effects

Crystal of Valor

  • Level 1: HP-Rate+2%
  • Level 2: HP-Rate+4%
  • Level 3: HP-Rate+7%
  • Level 4: HP-Rate+10%
  • Level 5: HP-Rate+15%, Monster Damage Absorb+3%
  • Level 6: HP-Rate+15%, Monster Damage Absorb+6%, Boss Damage Absorb+7%
  • Level 7: HP-Rate+20%, Monster Damage Absorb+10%, Boss Damage Absorb+12%
  • Level 8: HP-Rate+20%, Monster Damage Absorb+15%, Boss Damage Absorb+17%

Crystal of Luck
  • Level 1: Diamond Drop+1%, Collector Speed+1%
  • Level 2: Diamond Drop+2%, Collector Speed+3%
  • Level 3: Diamond Drop+3%, Collector Speed+5%
  • Level 4: Diamond Drop+4%, Collector Speed+7%
  • Level 5: Diamond Drop+5%, Collector Speed+10%, Awake Bonus+1%
  • Level 6: Diamond Drop+7%, Collector Speed+10%, Awake Bonus+3%
  • Level 7: Diamond Drop+10%, Collector Speed+15%, Awake Bonus+6%, Golden Feather +1
  • Level 8: Diamond Drop+15%, Collector Speed+25%, Awake Bonus+10%, Golden Feather +2

    - Awake Bonus: Higher chance of higher stats in the Awake window.
    (Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher rate to obtain higher stats)
    - Golden Feather: Drop effect only for monsters in the outside world and cooldown dungeons.
    (No effect on the drop behavior in dungeons with entries!)

Crystal of Strength
  • Level 1: Penya Rate+1%, 
  • Level 2: Penya Rate+2%, 
  • Level 3: Penya Rate+3%, 
  • Level 4: Penya Rate+4%, 
  • Level 5: Penya Rate+5%, Chipdrop +25%, PvE Damage+2% 
  • Level 6: Penya Rate+6%, Chipdrop +50%, PvE Damage+4%, Double Damage PvE Chance+1%
  • Level 7: Penya Rate+7%, Chipdrop +100%, PvE Damage+6%, Double Damage PvE Chance+2%, PvE One-Hit+2%
  • Level 8: Penya Rate+10%, Chipdrop +200%, PvE Damage+9%, Double Damage PvE Chance+4%, PvE One-Hit Chance+4%

    - The PvE One-Hit Chance effect only works on Normal Monsters (No Boss Monsters!)
Level-Upgrade Cost (Infinity Points):
  • Level 1: 50.000
  • Level 2: 150.000
  • Level 3: 250.000
  • Level 4: 350.000
  • Level 5: 500.000
  • Level 6: 1.000.000
  • Level 7: 2.000.000
  • Level 8: 10.000.000

The Infinity stones (outer rim) are available in different variations and can be dropped in the Kingdom - Heaven of Madrigal
Dungeon and from some older dungeons (lower chance).
*Check the Droplist from the Teleporter to know, where you can drop those stones!

Stone Effects: (You randomly get 1 to 5 effects when using)
*You can remove the stones again and try to get new values!

Example: If you Place the Madrigal Stone (Duplicate) in a slot of the Infinity Grid,
then you can get, for example:
3x STR+1 or 5x STR+1 or 2x INT+1 & 1x Speed+1% & DEX+2 !

Madrigal Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1

Reality Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • Magical Damage+75
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1
  • STR+2
  • STA+2
  • DEX+2
  • INT+2
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Space Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • INT+1
  • INT+2

Power Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • DEX+1
  • DEX+2

Soul Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STA+1
  • STA+2

Mind Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STR+1
  • STR+2

Time Stone (Duplicate)
  • HP-Heal after Kill +2500
  • EXP+1%
  • EXP P40+1%
  • Chipdrop+1%
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Collector Speed+1%
  • Diamond Drop+1%

Madrigal Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • Magical Damage+75
  • Magical Damage+100
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1
  • STR+2
  • STA+2
  • DEX+2
  • INT+2

Reality Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • Magical Damage+75
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1
  • STR+2
  • STA+2
  • DEX+2
  • INT+2
  • STR+3 (Rare)
  • STA+3 (Rare)
  • DEX+3 (Rare)
  • INT+3 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Space Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+75
  • Magical Damage+150 (Rare)
  • INT+1
  • INT+2
  • INT+3 (Rare)
  • INT+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)

Power Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • DEX+1
  • DEX+2
  • DEX+3 (Rare)
  • DEX+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Soul Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STA+1
  • STA+2
  • STA+3 (Rare)
  • STA+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • HP-Rate+1% (Rare)

Mind Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STR+1
  • STR+2
  • STR+3 (Rare)
  • STR+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Time Stone
  • HP-Heal after Kill +2500
  • HP-Heal after Kill +15000
  • HP-Heal after Kill +25000
  • EXP+1%
  • EXP+2%
  • EXP P40+1%
  • EXP P40+2%
  • Chipdrop+1%
  • Chipdrop+2%
  • Chipdrop+3%
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+1% (Rare)
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+2% (Very Rare)
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+3% (Very Rare)
  • Collector Speed+1%
  • Collector Speed+2%
  • Collector Speed+3%
  • Diamond Drop+1%
  • Diamond Drop+2%

The Celestial Armor & Weapons (Models) can be dropped in the Kingdom - Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon!

Through the power of the Infinity stones owned by Saphira, strange things have happened in the world of Madrigal.
In Khaldera, for example, strange ruins have appeared, which probably came to Madrigal through a portal from another dimension.
A ruin contains a strange entrance from which a dark aura can be felt, the first room resembles a temple.

Do you dare to enter with your companions and face the danger?

The monsters in the Golem Temple have strong magic attacks!
Be well equipped with some comrades!
Alone you won't survive it...

The monsters in the dungeon will drop the material Athena spoke of in Flaris.
Maybe you should stop by the blacksmiths in Flaris because they talked about a new art of blacksmithing,
which Athena taught them to prepare you to fight with Saphira.

The Dark Weapon's (Models) & the Dark Devils Cloak can be dropped in the Golem Temple Dungeon!

Athena taught the blacksmiths in Flaris a new forging technique.
This art allows the blacksmiths in Madrigal to upgrade your Fashion Equipment (CS) to +10 for you!

Upgrading requires special material from a different dimension. (Golem Temple)
*The material is also available in the Vote Shop and Guild Siege Manager.
*The Scroll of CProtect can also be purchased at [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris. (Instead of farming)

On Upgrade-Level +4, +6, +8, +10 you can unlock jewel slots for your fashion parts!
In these you can place stones, each of them will give you a random stat line.
With the Scroll of Gem Reversion you can remove the last used jewel and put a new jewel in your Fashion.

Lightning Stone (Fashion)
Rare stone which is obtainable from the Golem Temple or the Guild Siege. It can be used for Fashion upgrades between +1 and +10.

Scroll of CProtect (Fashion)
A scroll which prevents an item from breaking,if you try to upgrade it between +1 and +10.

Scroll of Gem Reversion
This item removes the last gem applied to the costume.

Garnet (Helmet)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (Lifesteal +1%, +2%)

Turquoise (Suit)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (PvE Damage +1%, +2%, +3%)

Aquamarine (Gauntlets)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (DEF +1%, +2%, +3%)

Amethyst (Boots)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (HP +1%, HP+2%, PvP Damage+1% or Chip Drop+1 Chance +25%)

For each player, Athena provided a new plot of land in the garden of Madrigal!
You now have more space in your house and can stay inside the house as well as outside of your house!

The height of furniture can be adjusted with the Numpad buttons on your keyboard.

NUM8 = Higher
NUM5 = Height Reset

NUM2 = Down

Brave warriors also need a nice place to retreat!

With the Mouse you can go over a Name of a Friend or Guild Member to see when they were online the last time. (Friend & Guild Tab)
Players who were not online after the patch will be displayed as "Unknown"

You can also stack beads up to 6 months.
The respective bead must be inserted first.

The beads can be stacked with Shift + Double Click (Shift + F1 ~ F9)

With CTRL + G you can open the Guildfinder and join a Guild!
In the Guildfinder all guilds will appear where the guild leader has given permission to show up in the Guildfinder.

This can be set in the Guild Window "G" via a checkbox.
With this patch we have activated all guilds to appear in the Guildfinder.
Of course, we have also reset the rookie rank for all guilds if a private guild has this rank with Guildbank access.
So nothing can be robbed out of the Guildbank!

You can also invite up to 100 guild members to your guild with guild level 50!

In the ingame options you can now set whether you want to have the normal day in the game or play permanently in night mode.

You can also set in the options whether the speech bubbles of NPCs should be displayed or not.

You will now receive a buff for voting on your account!
Every character on your account will receive this buff.

For every vote you make, you increase the level and effects of the Vote Buff.
The maximum level is 7 (7 days of voting)

You have 48 hours to maintain your buff.
If this time will reach 00:00:00 , your buff will be reset to level 0 (no effects).

VoteBuff Day (1)
  • EXP +2%
  • PvE Damage+1%
  • Penya Rate +1%
  • EXP P41+ | +2%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +1%
    *Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher chance to obtain better effects!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +1%

VoteBuff Day (2)
  • EXP +4%
  • PvE Damage+1%
  • Penya Rate +1%
  • EXP P41+ | +4%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +2%
    *Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher chance to obtain better effects!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +2%

VoteBuff Day (3)
  • EXP +8%
  • PvE Damage+2%
  • Penya Rate +2%
  • EXP P41+ | +6%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +3%
    *Augmentation Scrolls haben weiterhin eine höhere Chance auf bessere Effekte!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +3%

VoteBuff Day (4)
  • EXP +12%
  • PvE Damage+2%
  • Penya Rate +2%
  • EXP P41+ | +8%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +4%
    *Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher chance to obtain better effects!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +4%

VoteBuff Day (5)
  • EXP +15%
  • PvE Damage+3%
  • Penya Rate +3%
  • EXP P41+ | +9%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +5%
    *Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher chance to obtain better effects!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +5%

VoteBuff Day (6)
  • EXP +20%
  • PvE Damage+4%
  • Penya Rate +4%
  • EXP P41+ | +10%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +8%
    *Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher chance to obtain better effects!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +8%

VoteBuff Day (7)
  • EXP +25%
  • PvE Damage+5%
  • Penya Rate +5%
  • EXP P41+ | +15%
  • Awake Bonus (Higher Stats) +10%
    *Augmentation Scrolls still have a higher chance to obtain better effects!
  • Diamond Drop Bonus +10%

Any player who reaches alchemy level 25 will receive a Permanent Buff!

The Double Recipe-Item Chance is not Active for Blessed Key / Omega Cloak & Mask Recipes.
*This Effect will give you the chance to get the Item from the Recipe 2x

You can now remove the socket cards from your Fusion Weapon-Effects with the Scroll of Fusion Card Restoration and restore them to your inventory!

This scroll is available from the Entropia Chip Manager for 20,000 Entropia Chips!

You can now also add Socket Cards individually to your weapons Fusion.
All you need is socket space for the cards in your weapons Fusion!

If your main weapon has full (10/10 sockets) and your fusion to it (5/10)
the cards go into the fusion field.
(10/10) & (5/10) => (10/10) & (6/10)

However, if your weapon has (7/10 sockets) on the main weapon, for example
and on your fusion (3/10)
your socket cards, will go into your main weapon sockets first!
(7/10) & (3/10) => (8/10) & (3/10)

We have made some changes in the Guild Siege.

General Changes:
- The Element Scaling of Weapons/Suits has been deactivated! -
- Ringmasters that have gone from participant to spectator can no longer buff other players which participate in the Siege  -
- Automatic Fooding with the Equip Switch was disabled in Guild Siege -
- The "loading" of shots from crack shooters has been completely removed (PvP/PvE) -
- The "S" button doesn't work in Guild Siege anymore -
- The "X" button doesn't work in Guild Siege anymore -
- Animations under the "O" key cannot be used in the Guild Siege -
- To use the Asal Skill an MP-Key is necessary in the Guild Siege! - 
- The Spirit Bomb Casttime is now slower in Guild Siege than in PvE-Areas (PvE is the Cast Faster) -
- Billposter/Force Master do not follow a target now if they want to execute a "Stick" Buff and have equipped a Knuckle. -
- Selfbuffs are now possible again as participants when waiting for the respawn in the spectator area. -

Guild War - Special Bag:
We would like to try something new in the Guild Siege for an indefinite period of time.
Every Sunday, a Guild Siege - Special Bag will be awarded to the top 3 players.

This box can contain Premium (3/7 days) or a voucher from 5€ to 25€.
There are two types of vouchers in the box.

The greens can only be redeemed for Donate Points at this value and the pink ones for Donate points or a real money vouchers.
*The chance to get such a voucher is in the low to normal range (depending on the value).

These vouchers are also not tradable as items.
They must be redeemed via. a Homepage Ticket or through a contact to us in our Discord.

Guild Siege Only Changes (Not Active in PvE!):
- The Damage of the Skill "Cross of Blood" was increasy by +100%. -
- The Damage of the Skill "Force of Light" was increasy by +5% -
- The Damage of the Skill "Angry Increase" was increasy by +1000% -
- Asal can only be used with a MP-Key -
*The HP-Rate effect has been removed on all keys!

  • Map Buff:
    - HP-Rate +30%
  • Map Buff:
    - HP-Rate -60%
  • Skill: The Throw Animation of Mad Hurricane has been increased by +25%
  • The Sword Cross effect that occurs randomly when attacking has been removed.
  • - (Possible adjustments via a map buff on the server during live operation)
Force Master
  • Map Buff:
    - HP-Rate +20%
  • Sonic Hand has a 90% Stun-Rate.
  • HP-Rate Effects on the keys removed.
  • Map Buff:
    Melee & Ranged Defense +15%
  • Map Buff:
    - HP-Rate+30%
  • Darkness Scream has now a Cooldown of 5 Seconds.
  • Map Buff:
    - HP-Rate+105%

*Further adjustments can still be made/changed on the live server in seconds!
*Changes can be tested live in the PvP Arena.

*The PvP Map Buffs work in the PvP Arena, PvP Rumble & Guild Siege Arena!

  • PvE Damage +20%
  • PvE Damage (1on1) +40%
  • AoE-Cast Time +15% (3rd Job)
  • Multi Slap (AoE) Damage +20%
  • Multi Slap (AoE) Range -50%
    *A enemy must be targeted to attack with this skill.
    *The range of the skill was simply too high compared to all the other AoE's.
    *The Skill Range is still a bit higher than the Force of Light/Meteor Skill!
  • - /
  • - /
Force Master
  • - /
  • PvE Damage (1on1) +10%
  • Merkaba Hanzelrusha Damage +10%
  • Psychic Square +15%
  • EVA Storm +15%

  • Fixed a bug where Pet's sometimes can't be awakened any longer.
  • The Scroll of Experience Ultra only lasts 24 hours instead of 7 days.
  • *The scroll is included in the beginner box.
  • Text adjustments on some ingame windows.
  • You can now equipt your flight board without waiting.
  • You can access the Pet Awake Remove window via the Start -> Feature menu.
  • Furniture names in the furniture window (Housing) are now cut off. (More beautiful display)
  • The distance from the images in the Dungeon Cooldown system has been increased.
  • Guilds "Kingpings" can now log in to the Secret Room.
  • Stonehand has been added to the /buff system.
  • New emotes under "O" have been added to the game.
  • The "Font Editor" is now stackable to 999.
  • The "Scroll of Element Change" is now stackable to 999.
  • The Boss monsters on the Ethral continent have been optically enlarged.
  • The Baby White Dragon can be exchanged for a Stat-Pet Model at the Pet Tamer.
  • The shining effect remains when merging weapons.
  • The Heroic Kalgas/Behemoth Timerun Box can now contain "King's Hearts".
  • The Scroll of Pet Revival Pieces in the Collectorfield have been exchanged for Pride of Victory.
  • More important NPC's were added to Darkon City.
  • Water Cards: the magic cast effect was replaced against speed.
  • The Black Weapon Unbinding works again on the Black Destructive Book.
  • Some new Vote Items have been added to the ingame Vote Shop.
    *The prices of some older items have been changed.
  • Offline vendor prices have been lowered in the premium shop.
  • Some events for the future have been prepared.
    *Among them also new Anarchy Buffs, which can be started by the admin.
  • New Premium Bundles have been added to the game.
  • You can now recycle Level 10 ~ 12 Diamonds in the recycle window.
  • The purchase confirmation window can now be opened by an NPC with a right click on the item.
  • Ultimate Treasures can come very rare in the daily challenge!
  • Security & Bugfixes.
  • Text adjustments.




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