Patch-Notes: 13/09/2019 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community!
Today awaits you a smaller patch with some adjustments for beginners!
Also some events have been started in this patch!

More changes and bug fixes that are more difficult and need some more time from us, will be patched next week!
Among them, we will also do some adjustments to the Infinity Point System!

The Old Dreadpet Dungeons have been added back to the game!

  • The boss monsters from these dungeons now appear as world boss monsters for beginners!
    *You can reach them via the teleporter "V"!
  • The Boss Monsters appear at 03:00 AM, 08:00 AM and 07:00 PM - UTC+2!
  • You will receive two Hero's Treasures from each of them!
    *They contain valuable items like e.g.:
    **Exclusive Weapon Models (Polarized Weapons)
    **Power-Ups, Premium (1 day)
    **Binded Entropia Weapons or Dragon Sets (7 Days)!
  • Fixed a bug with the recovering of socketed Fusion Cards.
    *Previously it was not possible to restore cards when the main weapon contained (0/10) cards.
  • Fixed a Performance issue when switching Items.
  • The Damage and AoE range of the Monsters in the Heaven of Madrigal and Golem Temple Dungeons have been reduced.
    *Further adjustments may follow in the course of next week (increase or further reductions!).
  • In the Heaven of Madrigal and Golem Temple Dungeon, ranged attacks are no longer blocked by objects in some places.
  • Added a warning to the Venux Teleport image!
  • New models have been added to the game.
  • The Card Upgrade window now closes automatically if you have no more protection scrolls in the window (when they go empty).
    *Upgrading without protection rolls is still possible if you don't put a protection scroll inside after opening the window.
  • The Vulcano Weapon Models are now rarely available at the Vulcano Dungeon!
    *Red Meteonyker Drop!
  • The Lightning Stones, CProtects and Gem Reverse Scrolls are now permanently available in the Vote Shop!
  • The cost of Infinity Crystal upgrades has been reduced.
    *Level 7 to 8 (10.000.000 -> 5.000.000)
  • The reset of the Weekly Infinity Point Limit now takes place on Friday (00:00)!
    *We have reseted the limit for everyone today!
  • The Guildwar Character speed has been reduced to 150%. (200% before)
    *Adjustments to some classes due to this change may follow via a map buff!
  • The Crackshooter was lowered again a few days ago.
    *State: Values as before the "Kingdom of Madrigal Patch" (-25% PvP Damage (1on1))
  • Minor bug / security fixes.
  • Smaller text adjustments.

Permanent Map Buffs have been activated in some areas!

Kebaria (Quest Zone):

  • ATK+10%, PvE Damage+5%, CD+10%
  • Melee & ranged defense +5%.

Kebaria (Magma Cave):

  • ATK+15%, PvE Damage+20%, HP-Rate+35%

Aurania (Quest Zone):

  • ATK+15%, PvE Damage+10%, HP-Rate+25%

Aurania Jewelry Dungeons:

  • ATK+10%, PvE Damage+20%, HP-Rate+25%
  • Melee & ranged defense +5%.

Aurania (Holy Temple):

  • ATK+15%, PvE Damage+15%, HP-Rate+25%
  • Melee & ranged defense +5%.

The beginner event has been started!

  • New characters get special coins in the beginner box until the 28.09.2019!
    *These can be exchanged at the Event Manager in Flaris for binded (7 days) Entropia Weapons, Cloaks & Dragon Sets!

  • The Infinity Points x2 event has been started until Sunday!
    *Earn more Infinity Points by Killing Monsters/Boss Monsters!
  • More events will be started during the day.

We organize a giveaway in our Discord which will run until the 16.09.2019 - 11:59 PM

Just click on the  emote from the GiveawayBot Message
in the #giveaway Channel to participate in this giveaway!

The winners will be drawn automatically by the GiveawayBot!
The winners must contact @Verux Privat via Discord within 48 hours, otherwise the winner will be drawn again!

Stay on our Discord server and don't miss any more giveaways and news!

The Roulette Event is Active!
You can Gamble with Perins/Wager Coins!

The Roulette is only Playable with the Roulette Wager Coins, which can be purchased
with Perin from the Roulette Event-NPC in Flarine!

You need to earn 4-Times the sum of the Wager Coins which you bought to pay out!

1000 Perins = 500 Roulette Wager Coins
2000 Roulette Wager Coins = 2000 Perins

In the roulette system you choose the balls you want to place a bid on.
If you are right and your ball is drawn, you will receive double the amount of
"Roulette Wager Coins", 
which you can exchange back for Perins (Higher Amount)!




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