Weekend Event + Sale! (Finished)

Hello dear Entropia Community!
This weekend some events and sales are waiting for you!

- Buur Invasion -
- EXP x1.5 Event -
- Entropia Treasure Sale -
- Premium Bundle Sale -

- Limited Fashion Models -

The Buur's are spawning around Madrigal! (+Trigrem/Ethral)

Hunt them and collect the Star Boxes from them!

You can get valuable Power-Ups, Premium or a Rare Badge out of this Boxes!

New characters get special coins in the beginner box until the 28.09.2019!
These can be exchanged at the Event Manager in Flaris for binded (7 days) Entropia Weapons, Cloaks & Dragon Sets!

Some New Fashion & Pet Models are Available in the Ingame Premium Shop until Monday - 11:59 AM!




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