Patch-Notes: 25/09/2019 (English)

  • The Donate Reward List has been reseted for everyone.
    *The next reset is scheduled for the 20/12/2019.
    *The Donate Reward List offers you some other Items! (+More Bonus Treasures / Fusion Augmentations)
    *You can access the Donate Reward List from the Account Management on our Homepage or Ingame by pressing on the specific screen in the Premium Shop.
  • The Ultimate Entropia Power Treasure has been added to the Ingame Premium Shop.
    *You can get the Ultimate Power-Up out of it!
     (Not usable with the Ancient Power-Up at the same time!)
    *If you use the Power-Up, you also get the Ultimate Power-Up Badge (No Effects) for your Character!
    *The Ancient Power-Up can be deactivated with a Potion from the Vote Shop!
    (500 VPs)
    *You can also get the Entropia Power Treasure from the Premium Dungeon Exchanger, Guild Siege Exchanger or with luck (very rare) trough a Daily Challenge.
    *The Ultimate Power-Up can also be obtained by buying it for 75 Ultimate Pieces which you get out of these Treasures.
    *We also Increased the number of pieces which you can get out of these Treasures by +1~2
  • The Monster Strength and Skill Range has been adapted to the monsters in the Golem Temple Dungeon.
  • The Monster Strength and Skill Range has been adapted to the monsters in the Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon.
  • You can also deactivate the "SFX-Effects" from the Golem Temple and Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon to get a better performance out of these Dungeons.
  • The Range of the Skill "Heal" has been Increased from 15M to 20M.
  • You can buy a "Asal Key" (Without Effects) from the NPC-[Cash Shop] Laura in Flarine which allows you to use the Skill "Asalraalaikum".
    *You don't need to farm a specific Key anymore to use this Skill.
  • You don't run to your Target anymore if you try to use the Skill "Asalraalaikum" and don't have the Key equipped. 
  • The Map Buff Reload Bug has been fixed.
    *This Bug has temporary showed some other Map Buffs Multiple Times when we refreshed some Active Map Buffs in the past.
  • In the Infinity Points Buff you can see your Weekly Points Limit now.
  • Some smaller Performance Issues got fixed.
  • Bug/Securityfixes.

Further updates with adjustments, fixes and new things are planned for the next days!




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