Halloween Event 2019! (Beendet)

"Trick or Treat!
Give me something good to eat.
Give me candy.
Give me cake.
Give me something sweet to take"

Our sweet Halloween Gift to our Players!

This year's Halloween Event on Entropia has been started!
You can expect a lot of new content for the next Two Weeks (Until the 07/11/2019)!

You can discover some new places in this Event
and collect numerous new exclusive Halloween Items such as
Power-Ups or exclusive Halloween Models, which will not be available for a long time after the event!

We have also prepared numerous New Quests and collecting Tasks for you (70+)!

We also changed the music in the game and added some new sound effects to the new content.
It's worth to turn on the game music again!

The Rate of the Event Spawns is increasing day by day!

We wish you a lot of fun with this year's Halloween Event and thank you in advance for reading!
- Your Entropia Team

Experience the famous Pokemon Map "Kanto" on our Server as a Singleplayer Dungeon!
There are many tasks waiting for you.

You can get a little further every day in the dungeon and get to the dungeon's endgame after 5 to 7 days!

Your goal is to collect many Rare Candies everyday and to exchange them for some New Pokemon Models.
There is also the chance to receive some valuable items very rarely, such as master balls or poke balls in the early and endgame!

Shorter Information:
- You need at least 7 days until the endgame("played through"). -
- If you reached the Endgame you can receive up to 320+ Rare Candies per day out of Quests. -
- From the Endgame onwards, you can receive up to 150+ Rare Candies daily from clickable items in the game. -

- If you experience to getting stuck somewhere on the big map,
you can teleport your character to the dungeon entrance (first city of the dungeon)
with the Motion Window Skill "Nearest Town Teleport" under the Hotkey "O".  -

A village which is dominated by the undead and cold-blooded creatures is connected with a portal to Madrigal!
You can enter this place through the portal and collect Halloween Tokens from the Undeads, which carry a curse and bring the dead to life.

Collect the coins and exchange them for useful boxes with great content at the Spooky Squash Bane NPC in Flaris, Saint Morning or Darkon!

You will also receive exclusive Boss Monster Boxes (Pumpkin Box) from the stronger Creatures in this village!

(Daily Singleplayer Dungeon)

Zombies are spawning all around Madrigal!
Hunt them and collect Zombie Treasures, which containing exclusive Power-Ups and other usefull Items!

You can view whats inside the Treasure with CTRL + Rightclick on the Box!

Collect Entropia Pumpkins from Spooky Squashes or Pumpkins which lie over Madrigal
 and Exchange them with the Pumpkinhead Brothers for exclusive
Halloween Items & Models!

The Spooky Squashes are spawning all around Madrigal!
Hunt them and collect the Entropia Pumpkins from them, which you can Exchange with the Pumpkinhead Brothers
for exclusive Halloween Items & Models

*Entropia Pumpkins can also spawn on the Ground over Madrigal!

Rock Paper Scissors - Items:

Round 1: 15x Diamond Powder
Round 2: 2x Guild XP Scroll (Large)
Round 3: 3x Desctruction Prevention Scroll
Round 4: 2x Scroll of Fusion Card Restoration
Round 5: 3x Glyph of the Ancients Box
Round 6: 3x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure
Round 7: 1x Event Token
Round 8: 2x Premium (3 Days)
Round 9: 3x Gaia Ore

*(Exchangeable for Augmentations/Fusion Augmentations)
Round 10: 1x Blessed Key Recipe Treasure

The Stay Online Event is Active!
Receive a Stay Online Box + a Rock Paper Scissors Coupon for every Hour of Online Time!
This Box has exclusive Halloween Models in it!

Every few hours there's a chance that a Halloween Treasure will spawn somewhere in Madrigal.
(Shout Announcement)

You can get Event Tokens, a Pet or a Special Box from them.

In the roulette system you choose the balls you want to place a bid on.
If you are right and your ball is drawn, you will receive double the amount of
"Wager Coins", 
which you can exchange for the Double Amount of Perins
if you earned 4x the Sum of the Wager Coins, which you bought from the Roulette-NPC!




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