Patch-Notes: 15/11/2019 + Events/Sales (English)

Server Information:
We are currently working on some new PvP/PvE content that will be available in the future!
We will also continue to have great weekly events and sales coming up!

If you have any wishes or suggestions, please visit our Discord Server
and let us know what you think!

The changes that await you in this patch are some simplifications of existing content on the server to allow newcomers a simpler and more rewarding entry!

The following Events and Sales are waiting for you on this Weekend:

  • EXP x2 Event
  • Premium Weekend
  • Riot+
  • Limited Time Pokeball Sale
    *The Pokeball Sale will start at 11:59 AM - UTC+2

More new and great events await you also next week! be curious!


  • The Halloween Content got Removed from the Server until next year!
  • The Pokemon Dungeon got also removed from the Server and can possibly come back in some months!
  • The Price of the Premium Item (Status) has been permanently lowered!
    *You can get 15 Days of Premium for 600 Entropia Points.
    *You can get 30 Days (Bundle) of Premium for 1000 Entropia Points.
    *Everyone who has purchased Premium from the Premium Shop in the period from 11/11/2019 to 14/11/2019 should open a ticket on the homepage and you'll get the difference refunded!
    *Please also write down how many Premium Status Items you have purchased and whether you have purchased them for your character or gifted them to someone else.
  • You will now permanently receive 3500 Vote Points for one vote instead of 2000 points!
    *More Special Vote Boxes / Fashion Models will be added in the near Future for a higher Price!
    *More Exclusive Vote Models will also be added every 1-2 Months for a higher votepoint price from now.
  • Your Vote Buff (Day 6 and 7) has received an additional effect!
    *Chance Increase to drop one more Chip (+1) from Monsters by +10%/+20%


  • The cost of the Special Armor Merge has been reduced to the same as the Normal Armor Merge Scroll.
    *5x Clockworks Rune, 5000x Blood Orb, 180x Kebaria Coin
    *You will keep the Awakes of a your Shiny Armor when creating a Black Shiny Armor!
  • The Normal Armor Merge Scroll has been removed from the Exchange-NPC.
    *You need the Special Armor Merge for the Trigrem Content now!
    *You can use the "Recycle"-System to convert your normal existing Armor Merge Scroll into an Special Armor Merge Scroll.
  • You need 10 Equipment Reroll Pieces now instead of 15 for the production of one Equipment Reroll Scroll with an Recipe.
    *The Chance to obtain a Reroll Piece has been Increased in the Magma Cave of Kebaria Dungeon!
  • The Exchange-NPC price of a Equipment Reroll Scroll has been lowered.
    *250x Perin, 30x Black Shiny Ingot (Equipment), 30x Kebaria Coin


  • The Price of the Black Shiny Weapon Box has been lowered.
    *You will get more Weapons out of it in a shorter Time!
    *4x Black Weapon Material, 3000x Aurania Chip, 100x Aurania Coin
  • The Price of the Scroll of Weapon Merge has been lowered.
    *6x Black Weapon Material, 4500x Aurania Chip, 350x Aurania Coin
  • The Galucard and Xynis Boss Monsters in the Aurania Temple got a chance to drop Weapon Reroll Pieces.
  • You need less King's Hearts, Magic Stones and Orbs to create your Aura Accessorie in Aurania!

Other Changes:

  • You need less Clockworks Runes, King's Hearts and Coins to create your Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Topaz Accessorie.
  • You can get R/12% Card Pieces out of the Mystical Card Piece Box which you can obtain from the Rhisis Trail Dungeon.
  • In the Les Britannia/Abyssal Cove Dungeon you will now receive the double amount of treasures, from which you can get Shiny Equipment Parts and other items.




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  • Server Time03:17 PM
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