Christmas Events - 2019

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Christmas is not only approaching in real, but also on our server!
The Christmas Events on Entropia are active now!

One year has passed since Entropia was started!
We have experienced a lot as a community in the game and in the Discord Chat.
We have gone through ups and downs together.

We just want to say Thank You and start a Small Event for our Community!
We hope for many more years together!

Events: 1 Year - Anniversary:  
22/12/2019 - 27/12/2019
(Server Down Compensation+2 Day's until the 27/12/2019)

 Free Christmas Aibatt Pick-Up Pet with Level 3 (New Characters)
*Create a new Character and get a Aibatt Pick-Up Pet with an Christmas Hat on it!
*All Stats +15, Speed+10%, EXP-Rate+15%
Mocomochi Invasion 
(Server Down Compensation "x2"-Spawn until the 27/12/2019)
*Farm Birthday Presents (Event) from the Mocomochi's and get awesome rewards like Power-Ups, Badges and much more.
Clockworks Buttler Invasion 
(Server Down Compensation "x2"-Spawn until the 27/12/2019)
*Farm Black Giftboxes from the Clockworks Buttler's and get awesome rewards like:
Premium, Badges, Blessed Keys, Power-Ups
EXP Event x1.5 
(Server Down Compensation+2 Day's until the 27/12/2019 - 06:00 PM  and x4.0)
*Gain more EXP while leveling!
Special Anarchy Buffs:
Monster Hunter+: PvE Damage+20%
Dungeon Entry+1
Luck of the Gods: Diamond Drop Bonus+20%, Awake Bonus+5%
Dove of Luck: Drop+1 for Normal Monsters / Cooldown Dungeons.

Events: Christmas:  
22/12/2019 - 06/01/2020
 Snow in Flaris & Saint Morning
 Stay Online Event
*For every hour you spent online, you will receive Christmas Treasures into your inventory.
*These contain event item pieces, which can be exchanged for valuable items at the snowman "Mr. Frosty" in Flaris & Saint Morning.
*Only 10 characters per. IP can receive these Treasures every hour!
 Christmas Giggle Box Invasion
*Hunt those Boxes and collect the Red Stockings from them!
*The Red Stocking contains many usefull Items like Premium, Power-Ups, Badges, Models and much more.
 Gingerbread Men Invasion
*Hunt those Gingerbreads and collect Candy Canes from them!
*The Candy Canes can be exchanged at Santa for usefull Items!
 Golden Apple Drop
*Collect the Golden Apples which can be dropped from every Monster!
*Some apples are also lying around freely on the ground of Madrigal.
*The Golden Apples can be exchanged at Santa for usefull Items!
 Rock-Paper-Scissors Event
*Collect Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupons which can be dropped from every Monster!
*Play a Game with Santa and win to obtain great Rewards!

RPS: Reward List:

  • 15x Diamond Powder
  • 2x Guild XP (Large)
  • 3x Desctruction Prevention Scroll
  • 2x Scroll of Card Restoration
  • 3x Glyph of the Ancients Box
  • 3x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure
  • 2x Scroll of Fusion Card Restoration
  • 2x Premium (3 Days)
  • 3x Gaia Ore
  • 1x Blessed Key Recipe Treasure

 The Grinch (World Boss)
*Kill The Grinch with the Community and get bonus rewards!
*The Grinch can drop the same as the other World Boss Monsters or an
Advent Calendar Box!

Events: Christmas Days:  
25/12/2019 - 29/12/2019
 EXP Event x2 (x4.0 until the 27/12/2019 - 06:00 PM)
*Gain more EXP while leveling!
 Infinity Points x2
*Gain more Infinity Points while leveling or farming!
*Gain more Coins by doing Quests in Kebaria or Aurania
 Blue Secret Treasure
*The Blue Secret Treasure can be dropped from Every Monster above level 15.
*Collect Upgrade Material or other usefull items!

Entropia - New Years Event:

30/12/2019 - 02/01/2020
 Burr Invasion & Star Box
Hunt those Burr's and collect Star Boxes from them!
 New Years Treasures
*The New Years Treasures will drop from every Monster above Level 15+

*The Spawn for both Events will be increased tomorrow!

31/12/2019 - 02/01/2020
Premium Days - Kostenloser Premium Status für jeden!
*That will not be the last Premium Event for January since many Players do not find the time for it after the New Year.


All characters have received the Premium Status for 3 days! (~02/01)
Characters with an existing Premium Status got +3 days added!
Newly created characters also get the Premium Status!

Premium Effects:

  • A Golden Character Name for your Character.
  • EXP +50% & A Higher Droprate Chance
  • The Cooldown Time of Dungeons is reduced by -50%
  • Get more Daily Dungeon Entrys
  • Weapon Effects are slightly raised
  • Access to the Premium Dungeon
  • Use and Buy Items from the Shop Search System
  • Equip some Platinum Level restricted Items earlier

The Entropia Team wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Spend Time with your family & friends!

Have fun!





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