Patch-Notes: 16/12/2018 (English)

Currently we have a mistake with the Party EXP which exists since yesterday.
You are not getting Party EXP for defeating monsters.
The error will be fixed by us as soon as it is possible.
You can currently purchase Party 40 Scrolls in the Vote Shop for 300 VP's, which sets your party at level 40 with 1000 points. (If you use this Scroll again, your existing Party will just be set to 1000 points)

- The stability of the channels has been increased.
*Further adjustments can follow!
- There are only four server channels left!

- The Item Wiki is now accessible via CTRL + Z!
- With the key "Z" you can now follow other characters while flying.
- Guild EXP is now available every hour just for staying online with a Platinum 1 Character.
*The more characters in the guild are online, the more experience your guild will get every hour!
*You also get Guild EXP by killing monsters, boss monsters or completing daily quests.
*You can also purchase Guild XP Scrolls in the Vote Shop for VPs.
- The monsters in Madrigal have been adjusted by the HP and EXP rate.
*This concerns the monsters in Flarine, Saint Morning, Garden of Rhisis and Darkon 1
*Also, the Drillers and Volts in Darkon 1 were set to level 160 and 165.
*Further adjustments can follow!
- The Oasis Ticket (7 days) is now available in the Vote Shop.
- The ticket categories on the homepage have now been created.
*You are welcome to create your tickets.
*Certain tickets can also be sent only to the administrator.
- Text adjustments.
Security & Bugfixes.

Entropia team.




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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time10:16 PM
  • CrownSquad
  • MvPMovex

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