Patch-Notes: 11/01/2020 + Events (English)


  • - The EXP x1.5 event was started until Monday the 13.01.2020 - 11:59 pm!
  • - The Infinity Points x2 Event was started until Monday the 13.01.2020 - 11:59 pm!
  • - The Pinata weekend event has been started until Monday the 13.01.2020 - 11:59 pm!
  • - The Riot+ Anarchy Buff Event has been started until Monday the 13.01.2020 - 11:59 pm!
    *With Riot+, you'll earn double the amount of coins by completing quests in the locations: Kebaria and Aurania.


  • - The Christmas events have ended.
    *NPC's have been removed.
    *Christmas Grinch World Boss has been removed.
    *The Christmas Anarchy Buff has been removed.
  • - The Infinity Point limit has been permanently raised from 500.000 to 750.000
  • - Discord now shows you that you are playing Entropia when you have activated your gaming activity in Discord. 
  • - The Magma Cave and Aurania Temple Dungeons have been split into a Normal/Heroic Mode.
    *The Normal Mode has the same values as it had before.
    *In Heroic Mode, the enemies await you in a stronger form.
    *Special Buffs & a Drop+1 effect are active in Heroic Dungeon Mode.
    *In Heroic Mode there is also a Timerun Challenge Active which will activate a special Anarchy Buff for the whole server if you defeat the dungeon within the time limit and will give you a Timerun Box which can contain a Scroll of Armor/Weapon Merge.
    *All players who attack the End Boss while the Timerun Challenge is still running will receive this special Timerun Box.
    *In addition, Heroic Mode has been added individually to the Dungeon Ranking with slightly better items. Good luck!
    *Attention! The Normal & Heroic Mode of the Dungeons, share the Dungeon Entrys!
  • - The Golem Temple and Heaven of Madrigal dungeon has been split into a Normal/Heroic Mode.
    *The Normal Mode has attenuated monsters with the same droprates as before.
    *The Heroic Mode has the same monsters as you knew before.
    *In Heroic Mode there is also a Drop+1 Buff Active which allows you to get more items from the dungeon.
    *The dungeon ranking rewards are better in Heroic mode.
    *Attention! The Normal & Heroic Mode of the dungeons, share the dungeon entrys!
  • - The Shining Guardian Fashion weapons / sets (Animated!) have been added to the Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon Ranking (Heroic)!
    *Get the Shining Guardian box with your whole party as first place and try your luck to get a Shining Guardian Set out of it!
    *From each box you'll get a randomly animated Shining Guardian weapon or with good luck even a Shining Guardian Set.
  • - You can change the map design (Flaris & Saint Morning) with the options (2nd tab) in the upper right corner.
    *You will have to teleport to another map or restart your game to "apply" the change.
    *Players starting the game for the first time will see the "Entropia Madrigal" Map as default.
  • - The HP rate of [Lv. 13]-HP Diamonds has been lowered from 15.000 to 12.500.
  • - An Instant Loot "Everything" scroll has been added.
    *This can be purchased later today through the Vote Shop.
  • - More limited Vote Shop items will be added to the Vote Shop later today.
  • - Text descriptions for some items have been corrected.
  • - The furniture in Kebaria will now only cost you 75 coins instead of 100 coins.
  • - The end boss in the "Rhisi's Trail" dungeon can now drop 5 to 15x "Destruction Prevention Scrolls".
  • - The monsters in "Rhisi's Trail" dungeon can now drop S-Card Pieces.
  • - The Card Upgrade Rate for making Z and 15% cards has been increased slightly.
  • - Soulreaver Coin Caskets are now tradeable.
  • - The Boss Monsters in the Tramnuk Dungeon now have the correct element.
  • - In Tramnuk Dungeon, it is no longer possible to drop a rune from the other "Tramnuk" dungeon.
  • - The Commando Bag 01 texture has been added to the game. (bug fix)
  • - The invisible wall at the second black market point was removed. (Official Madrigal Map)
  • - The Mentalist skill "Hell Stone / Stone Feet" no longer affects world boss monsters.
  • - The pet filter no longer resets itself after porting/restarting the client.
  • - In the PvP Arena and PvP Rubmle the skills "Deadly X" and "Anger Increase" now have the same effect as on the Guild War Map.
  • - You can now sort players in the Guild Member window without the window automatically resetting everything to default.
  • - Blade/Slayer animation is a little slower on the Guild War, PvP Arena, and Rumble Map (Official Animation)
    *In PvE, the faster variant is still active.
  • - All errors with the Achievementsystem have been fixed.
    *Successes that did not work before are now working.
  • - You will no longer get soulbound perins from the achievement system.
  • - The Alchemy Crafting window is now available in the game via Start -> Features.
  • - You can now restore your Active Ultimate Power-Up with the Ultimate Potion.
    *The Ultimate Potion restore costs 8.000 Perin.
    *You can get the new Potion from [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris.
  • - Fixed the display bug where a second effect is crossed out when the "EXP" effect stops working due to your platinum level.
  • - The item icon Glow on certain items is now available again!

Hotfixes: 12/01/2020

  • - The Normal/Heroic Dungeon settings have been adjusted again.
    *The Magma/Temple Dungeon has been made more difficult.
  • - Monsters will no longer change targets when someone buffs/heals nearby.
  • - Fixed a few Achievement errors and adjusted the save function on them. (Unfortunately it was buggy before).
  • - By reviving yourself in the Heroic/Normal Dungeons you will end up at the entrance of the dungeon again.
  • - Holy Scrolls can be used in the Golem/Heaven Normal Dungeon Mode.
  • - A channel crash bug related to the Instant Loot function, which is rarely triggered (1x today), has been fixed.
  • - The Pinata Event Spawn will be a bit higher for one day starting tomorrow.
  • - Minor bug fixes & security fixes.

Hotfixes: 13/01/2020

  • - The Heroic Magma Cave / Aurania Temple Dungeon has been raised from the difficulty again.
    *The character debuffs have been changed.
    *HP Rate -35%, Damage Multiplier -x1.8, Critical Damage -100%, Drop+1
    *The Magma Cave Time Run has been reduced to 25 minutes.
  • - Boss monsters were slowed down with the running speed
  • - Holy Scrolls are usable again in the Normal Magma Cave / Aurania Temple Dungeon.
  • - HP Diamonds have been raised slightly.
    *12,500 HP -> 12,750 HP
  • - The bug that Perins are bound on certain exploration quests has been fixed.
  • - You will now receive a new TimeRun Treasure in some dungeons instead of the usual Treasure Chest.
    *You can view its contents in the Item Wiki (CTRL + Z) and with  CTRL + Right-Clicking on the Treasure in the Wiki.
    *Perins, Power-Ups, Runes, Ultra Oris, UProtects and much more are included.
  • - Text errors were fixed.
  • - Security & Bugfixes.




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