Wochenend Events + Sale! (Deutsch/German)

The Weekend Event has been started!
25/01/2020 - 27/01/2020

Weekend Event Anarchy Buffs:
- EXP x1.5 Event
*Receive more EXP from Monsters.

- Defense of the Gods+
*Absorb +20% Damage from Monsters & Boss Monsters

- Luck of the Gods+
*Chance to drop Stronger Diamonds has been increased by+20%, Awake Bonus+5%
*With the Awake Effect you have a chance to get a higher awake value.
*The effect doesn't work on augmentations, because they have a generally higher chance.

- Monster Hunter+
*More Damage against Monsters +20%

Some more nice events will follow next week!

*Some Exclusive Fashion Sets are Available for a Limited Time!

*The Entropia Golem is obtainable with Luck out of the Loyalty Treasures!

*The Premium Bundles are Available until the 26/02/2020
- Receive Premium, A Pick-Up Pet and a Badge! -

*The Entropia Freestyle Sets are Available in the Vote Shop for a Limited Time!
*They won't come back anytime soon!




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