Valentine's Day 2020 (English)

The Valentine's Event is active until the 16/02/2020!
Experience a few small and useful events!

On our Discord Server a giveaway will take place!
Just react with the appropriate emote and take part in the raffle!
The draw takes place on sunday at 11:59 PM - UTC+2

For our Discord Nitro Server Booster we are organizing an extra Giveaway where you can win more Diamonds (DPs) and a custom badge of your choice!

Collect Cupid's arrows, roses and Love Chocolate to exchange them at the [Valentine's Day] Lara NPC!
These items / models are only available for the Valentine's Day event!

Arrows & Roses can be randomly dropped by all monsters!

Love Chocolate is available for you easily by just staying online with your character!
You currently receive 30 Love Chocolate per character. and hour into your inventory!
You can use a maximum of 10 characters at the same time to get 20 pieces each hour!

Play Rock, Paper, Scissor against [Valentine] Lara and get useful items!
The coupons for the participation can be randomly dropped from all Monsters!

Runden / Items:
Round 1: 15x Diamond Powder
Round 2: 2x Guild XP - Large
Round 3: 3x Desctruction Prevention Scroll
Round 4: 2x Scroll of Fusion Card Restoration
Round 5: 3x Glyphe of the Ancients Box
Round 6: 3x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure
Round 7: 2x Scroll of Fusion Card Restoration
Round 8: 2x Premium (3 Days)
Round 9: 3x Gaia Ore
Round 10: 2x Ultra Ball

Search for the Red Mocomochis and get Valentine's Day event boxes!

Valentinstags Box Content - Preview:




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