Patch-Notes: 17/12/2018 (English)

- Fixed the bug where you can't get Party EXP with a Platinum Level.
*At the moment the Party EXP is only available from monsters of the same level.
*An example: If you are platinum level 10, you have to kill platinum level 10 monsters to get Party EXP.
*We will change the monster restriction in a later patch.
- You now get more Golden Apples from the Red Socks (Christmas Event).
*Golden Apples now also appear on the ground in Madrigal (+ Ethral / Trigrem).
- Channel stability has been slightly improved.
* Please keep using all other channels if it slows down because of the huge amount of leveling players.
- The Guild Siege Map has been changed.
The cost of the P41 + EXP Scrolls have been changed in the Vote Shop.
* Now you get 5 scrolls for 2000 VPs (1x Vote)
- Worldboss monsters have been set to level 175 (205 before) and the HP has been lowered.
*You may now do more damage to the world bosses.
- Texts have been adjusted.
- Other security & bug fixes.

Further planned adjustments will follow soon.

Entropia team.




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