Weekend Event + Info (English)

28/02/2020 until 01/03/2020

The Blue Secret Treasure can be dropped from all monsters at level 170+.
From this chest you can get some useful items like material to upgrade your fashion equipment
and enhance it with jewels.
You can also get other useful items from this treasure, such as perins, badges and augmentations to reroll your awake line.

The Entropia Golem has the same values as the the obtainable Venux Horse from the PvE-Content.

On Saturday at 01:00 PM - UTC+2 (at night) a short server maintenance takes place.
Some bugs will be fixed like the "despawning"-Bug of characters, which occurs very rarely, as well as the bug that certain skills in the Action Slot make the Action Slot stop.

Also some PvE balance changes will follow with this server maintenance.
Minimal nerfs and pushes of some classes will follow.
All classes have been viewed over several days on the test server.

The Valentine's Day event NPCs will also be removed!




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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
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  • Server Time02:13 PM
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  • MvPVenom

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