Weekend Event + Sale! (English)

We have started extended weekend events for you!
These run until Tuesday - 11:59 PM - UTC+1. Have fun!

Gain x1.5 more experience by defeating monsters.
Get x2 more Infinity points by defeating monsters.
The Infinity Point Limit will be reset once on Saturday at 09:00 PM - UTC+1, so you can gain more points for the week.

Pinatas are spawning around Madrigal.
Search them and get Pinata Boxes which contain usefull Power-Ups, Badges, Premium, Perins and more!

You will get the Top Platin Item Rewards twice!
Also you will get +2 more Entropia Chip Perins with Platinum 40+ for each Level.

The Donate Reward List had an Reset and got new Items added!
You can see the Donate Reward List on the Homepage (Logged In) under Account Management!

*Ultimate Glyph / Ultimate Fashion and other Packages.
*The Ultimate Fashion requires the Gaia Set to Craft it.




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