Easter-Event 2020! (English)

This year's Easter event has started!
We have added some new things for you!
Including an exclusive Event Dungeon with some mechanics!

In addition, loads of new useful items & models have been added to the game!
Explore the event and have fun together! :D

Also there is a Limited Time Anarchy Buff available which can be started from everyone in the
Anarchy Buff Window for 50 Anarchy Buff Coupons (Vote)

EXP+25%, EXP (P40)+10%, PvE Damage+5%

The Easter Island is a Event Dungeon Instance which we created for you!
We have created a lot of new Models, Items and Effects to give you something new in that Game!

Your task is to find the Easter Bunny and solve the Easter Island Labyrinth!
Collect Easter Eggs, Easter Tokens & Easter Treasures in this Dungeon!
*The Easter Tokens can be exchanged at the Easter Bunny in Flaris!

This dungeon is completely feasible and is over once you reach the reward room!

Make sure that there are also traps that make it difficult for you to get further!
Pay attention to your mistakes with the next runs you make! :)

EXP Event - x1.5: 
07/04/2020 - 09/04/2020

EXP Event - x2.0: 
10/04/2020 - 13/04/2020

*There will be NO Limit Reset!

The White Rabbits appear everywhere in Madrigal!
*Flaris up to the Bahara Desert (+Trigrem & Ethral)

These will drop baskets which containing special items for you! :)
Such as: Easter Power-Ups, Premium and much more!

The Easter Bunny gives you the chance to challenge him in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game!
Face the challenge and get great items! :D

The coupons are randomly dropped by all the monsters in the game!
*Those are new coupons and the coupons from older Events can't be used here!

Rock-Paper-Scissors - Reward List:
- Round 1: 15x Diamond Powder -
- Round 2: 3x Guild XP Scroll (Large) -
- Round 3: 3x Desctruction Prevention Scroll -
- Round 4: 2x Scroll of Card Restoration -
- Round 5: 5x Glyph of the Ancients Box -
- Round 6: 5x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure -
- Round 7: 1x Event Token -
- Round 8: 3x Premium (3 Days) -
- Round 9: 9x Gaia Ore -
- Round 10: 1x Blessed Key Recipe Treasure -

Receive a "Easter Stay Online Treasure" for every Hour of Online Time!
*Only up to 10 Characters per. IP-Adress!


Receive the double amount of coins in Kebaria & Aurania for completing quests.

Alchemy EXP x2
Receive twice the Alchemy EXP when crafting recipes!

You'll get another Entropia chip dropped!

Dungeon Entry+1

Get another Entry in all Entry Dungeons.

Blue Secret Treasure
The Blue Secret Treasure can be dropped from all monsters at level 170+.
From this chest you can get some useful items like material to upgrade your fashion equipment and enhance it with jewels.

Update - 16/04/2020
We announce the winners of the Happy Money Event now!

Winners + Price List:

The Player Sonico got the 1th Place with 32040 Happy Money
1th Place: 15.000 Diamonds + Fashion Set of your Choice

The Player Bossmove got the 2nd Place with 23573? Happy Money
2nd Place: 7.000 Diamonds + Premium (14 Days)

The Player maxl got the 3rd Place with 9999 Happy Money
3rd Place: 7.000 Diamonds + Event Token

The Player Sayuri got the 4th Place with 9348 Happy Money
4th Place: 3.300 Diamonds + Event Token

The Player Four20 got the 5th Place with 6746 Happy Money
5th Place: 2.700 Diamonds + Event Token

Thank you very much for your participation!
The prizes will all be sent out now.
The first place winner has time until the 18/04/2020 to choose his fashion models!

The Player's which collect the most Happy Money until the 14/04/2020 - 11:59 PM - UTC+2
Will win Diamonds (Donate Points)

There will be 5 Winners!

Price List:

1th Place: 15.000 Diamonds + Fashion Set of your Choice
2nd Place: 7.000 Diamonds + Premium (14 Days)
3rd Place: 7.000 Diamonds + Event Token
4th Place: 3.300 Diamonds + Event Token
5th Place: 2.700 Diamonds + Event Token

*The Happy Money is not tradeable!
*Also it can't be traded in a Playerside Blackmarket Auction!

Have Fun! :)

Try your luck to get the Limited Guild Housing Furniture!
+10 Higher stats and +2% more effect rate!

Try your luck to get the Limited Guild Housing Furniture!
+5 Higher stats and +2% more effect rate!

Starting tomorrow, we will have a normal giveaway and a giveaway for our Nitro Boosters with better chances to win!

We raffle among all Discord users on our server:
5x 1,000 Diamonds

Among all Discord Nitro Server Boosters on our server we raffle:
5x 1,000 Diamonds

The Giveaway will run until the 14/04/2020 - 11:59 PM - UTC+2!


In addition, Discord users who boost our server 2x (Discord Nitro) until the 15/04/2020 will receive:
1,000 extra Diamonds for free!

Support our Discord Server with a boost to get informations about upcoming changes earlier and to participate in exclusive raffles and diamond payouts!



There will be no Serverside Blackmarket for the next two weeks!
The next Serverside Blackmarket will take place on the 19/04/2020

There will be Limited Premium Shop Models!

04/04/2020 - 08/04/2020
09/04/2020 - 13/04/2020




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