Weekend Event + Sale!

Anarchy Buff: Dove of Luck
- Drop+1 from dungeons that have a cooldown (No Entry Dungeon) or Normal World Monsters. -

Anarchy Buff: Luck of the Gods+
- Chance to drop Stronger Diamonds has been increased by+20%, Awake Bonus+5% -
- With the Awake Effect you have a chance to get a higher awake value. -
- The effect doesn't work on augmentations, because they have a generally higher chance. -

Anarchy Buff: Mystic Power
- Chance to deal Double Damage+7% -

Anarchy Buff: Collecting+
- Collect +15% faster with your Collector! -

Diamond Recycle x2
- Receive 2x more Diamond Powder with the recycling of Diamonds! -

- Available until the 26/04/2020 for 75.000 Vote Points! -
- Don't forget that you can vote multiple times on one account as long as you use a different IP + device! -




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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time05:01 PM
  • CrownAscensus
  • MvPMovex

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