Discord Booster | Free Items (English)

Buy Discord Nitro and Boost our Discord Server 2x until the 07/05/2020 to get free items!
We will also be holding exclusive Giveaways for our Discord Nitro Booster in the Future where you can win Donate Points, Custom Badges or other useful items!

Double Nitro Boosters will receive these Items on the 08/05/2020 for FREE!

- 1.000 Diamonds (Donate Points) -
- 7x Loyalty Treasures -
- 1x Event Token -

Every Discord Nitro Booster also gets access to Patch Previews!
You can also see which community suggestions we accept and will patch on the server in the future!
An exclusive channel with all Nitro Booster & Team members is also waiting for you!

+ Coloured Name in Discord

More Discord Nitro (9,99$ / Month*) Features:

*Can be terminated monthly!

How do I boost the Entropia Discord after I purchased Discord Nitro?

1. Click in Discord on our server name (Top left)
2. Click on Server Boost

3. Click on "Server Boost" in the new window




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Server Information
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time02:17 AM
  • Players Online481
  • EXP RateCustom
  • Drop Rate8.000x
  • Penya Rate8.000x
  • CrownSquad
  • MvPPepega100DEX

Double Boost our Server with Discord Nitro
and get access to exclusive Giveaways, Patch Previews, Free Diamonds, Items
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