Weekend Events (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community, we've started a few events for you, fitting to the weekend!
The following events are waiting for you: 
Boss Respawn Chance+25%, Riot+, Pinata Event, Chipdrop+1, Diamond Recycle x2

Boss Respawn Chance +25%
There is a 25% chance that a boss monster in the dungeon will reappear directly after a death.

Receive double the amount of coins in Kebaria / Aurania for completing quests.

You receive another Entropia Chip from monsters.

Diamond Recycle x2
Receives double the amount of Diamond Powder for recycling Diamonds.

The pinatas appear everywhere in Madrigal (+Trigrem/Ethral)
Find them and get a Pinata Box from them, which contains valuable items like
Premium, Augmentations, Emblems, Useful Power-Ups or Perins!

There will be a Playerside Black Market Auction at Saturday - 06:45 PM - UTC+2.




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