[S2] Patch-Notes: v1.0.0.1 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community, today we will apply another small patch for you by changing a few little things. In this patch we have responded to suggestions and bug reports from the community.
• The Diamond Powder, which can be collected in the collectorfield, got replaced with Entropia Chips.
• The Official-Pet EXP rate has been doubled.
• No more fashion items will be collected in the Petfilter if the category "Armor / Equipment" is selected.
• Fixed the bug that some player names in the Guild Siege are displayed with the wrong color.
• The bug that items do not arrive after an NPC shop purchase when the inventory is full, has been fixed.
• The HP/ATK rate of the Madrigal Crystals has been reduced dramatically.
• The attack range of the Madrigal Crystals has been increased enormously.
• The Entropia Vote recipes are now available in the Vote Shop for 3,000 VPs.
*Get 200 Perins or 25 ECPs for 25,000 seeds.
• The Random Drops of all Madrigal / Platinum Monsters have been adjusted.
• You can delete items from your inventory with Shift + right click.
*If you have an NPC shop open, you can sell the items and buy them back if necessary.
*Items that are locked in the inventory (lock icon) will not be sold or deleted.
*Everything happens at your own risk and nothing will be refunded. Watch out!
• Dungeon Teleport descriptions have been adjusted.
• The Sunstone / Moonstone rate has been increased slightly.
• You will receive the Daily Challenges at Platinum Level 30.
• Text errors have been fixed.
• Security & bug fixes.

• The Battleground Siege will take place twice today instead of the Normal Guild Siege.
*6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. - UTC+2
• The content of the Battleground (participant) Treasure has been edited.
• You will now receive 2 Perins each. Kill in Battleground Siege.
*An item for Vote Points, which gives you double the amount of Perins per. Kill will be added in the future.
• The damage of the Templar job class has been reduced by -25% in the Battleground Mode.




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