[S2] Patch-Notes: v1.0.0.3 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community, today we will apply another small patch for you by changing a few little things. In this patch we have responded to suggestions and bug reports from the community.
• Fixed the bug where AoE damage would arrive late if you kill many monsters.
• The party is set to "Damage" by default.
• The Elementchange Scroll is no longer needed to change the element.
*200 Entropia Chips are removed from inventory.
*The scroll has been removed from the Entropia Chip Shop.
*Existing scrolls can be recycled against 200 Entropia Chips.
• The rate that recipes will get destroyed when being read has been lowered.
• You can click on monsters through pets.
• The HP rate of Premium Monsters has been lowered.
• The HP rate of Oasis Monsters has been increased
• The level and HP rate of World Boss Monsters has been increased
• The MvP Token Exchange rates have been increased
*The items have a much too high value for the number of tokens.
*This has now been adjusted before it gets too late.
*The prices can be changed again in the future.
*The King / Queen of Guild Siege Set has been removed from the Exchanger for now.
• The HP and DMG rate of the Normal Rhisis Trail monsters has been halved.
*In the future, it will be increased again as soon as new cards will get unlocked.
*S/10% cards should then be in stock for new players in the market.
*We will keep an eye on this and decide over time.
• You can now add 100 guild members to your guild regardless of guild level.
• Item descriptions have been adjusted.
• Bug and security fixes

Further adjustments and events are currently being worked on.




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