[S2] Model Rotation Sales (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
with this news we want to tell you how we want to offer models / special models for you.
On server 2 we change the limited models (Fashion Sets, Cloaks, Masks, Glasses, Pets etc.) every 2 days in the shop.
This happens automatically and all models are preset by us for a longer period of time.

Why do we do it this way and do not offer the sets permanently?
In the past we have noticed on our server that there is a market for fashion models and the models are actively traded.
Therefore we take the step to offer all models limited and not permanently available for purchase.

It can happen that certain models do not come back for several weeks or months and are only offered in the shop again after a late period of time.
This is no guarantee that one or more models will not be available again for several weeks or months.
There is a possibility that a fashion set will be offered again at short notice after 2-3 weeks.

With certain / demanded sets we would like to make sure that they are worth a corresponding value among the players.

A set / model can therefore be worth little at the beginning, because it is offered in the shop and everyone can buy it, but after a while the value will increase.




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