Event: It's Christmas Time! (English)

Hello Entropia Community! Christmas is coming closer and during this time we hold many Events on Entropia!Celebrate the holidays with all of the community!
Many events are waiting for you, which will be live until 02/01/2019!

The following events will be active:

Santa needs your help to return the Golden Apples and Candy Canes!

He needs them for his loyal companions and minions!

Collect these quest items from the event mobs mentioned further below and exchange them for valuable items such as pets, fashion, weapon models or power ups!
These will only be available around christmas time!

The Christmas Giggle Boxes drive their mischief around Madrigal!
They spawn from Flarine all the way to Bahara Desert!
(They also spawn in Ethral and Trigrem!)

Defeat them and collect their "Red Socks", which contain valuable items.
You may receive the Golden Apples needed by Santa!
*The Golden Apples also sometimes randomly spawn around Madrigal, just pick them up!

The Gingerbread Men drive their mischief around Madrigal!
They spawn from Flarine all the way to Bahara Desert!
(They also spawn in Ethral and Trigrem!)
Defeat them to collect "Candy Canes", which contain valuable items.

Candy Canes are also needed by Santa.

For every hour you stay online you will automatically receive 3x Christmas Treasures!

With the pieces you get from these boxes you can buy different items, which will only be available during christmas time.

Mr. Frost in Flarine will exchange your pieces from the "Stay Online" boxes for items such as:
Wepaon models, fashion models, badges, premium, etc;

He can be found in Flarine or Saint Morning.

Wondering how an item looks? Just press Ctrl+Z to open the Item-Wiki.
You can now search for the item you want to see and Ctrl+Double Click on it to open the Modelviewer.

The items Mr. Frost exchanges will only be available during christmas time!

Santa is bored while he's waiting for you to help him.
ಠ_ಠ (**Why doesn't he help us then?**) ಠ_ಠ

This is why he holds a Rock-Paper-Scissors Event.

To participate you will need Rock-Paper-Scissor coupons, which can be dropped by every mob above level 15.

You can win the folling items:
Round 1: 15x Diamond Powder
Round 2: 3x Guild XP Package (Large
Round 3: 3x Destruction Prevention Scroll Round
4: 6x Christmas Treasure - 2018 Round
5: 3x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure Round
6: 3x Mistletoe - Christmas badges Round
7: 1x Event Token
8: 3x Premium (3 days) Round
9: 1x Blessed Key Recipe Treasure Round
10: 5x Legendary Drop+1 Glyph (1 hour)

The Grinch is here to steal your presents!
He spawns daily and can be attacked by everyone.
When you defeat the Grind you get to open a special present.
The contents of this present can be found in the Teleporter Drop List.

You will receive the present on the first character you attack the Grind with.
(IP limitation, so there are not too many presents around)

To further embrace holiday spirit, some places were covered in snow such as Flarine, Saint Morning, PvP Arena, Guild Siege Arena!

The snow will remain until the middle of January 2019.

We wish you a merry christmas with your family & friends.

- your Entropia Team




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