[S2] Patch-Notes: v1.0.0.4 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
with this patch we have made some adjustments and suggestions from the community.
Further adjustments, features, game content will follow in small steps in the future.

- Two Venux Charms were added into the Shop / Vote Shop.
*With these you can prevent the dropping of quest items in case of a death caused by other players in Venux.
*A Charm that protects 50% of your quest items from dropping can be purchased for Vote Points.
*A Charm that protects 100% of your quest items from dropping can be purchased for Red Diamonds
*Both last for one hour.
- A "Scroll of Fusion Card Remove" has been added to the Entropia Chip NPC for 200 chips.
*This scroll allows you to completely remove the cards from your Weapon Fusion.
*This scroll cannot be used to restore cards.
*To restore cards, you will still need to use the more expensive scroll.
- Guild Kingpings with three badges have the same rights as the Guild Leader.
*You can grant these rights at your own risk.
- Mini-Maps in some dungeons have been unlocked.
- The item description of the Job Change Ring has been changed.
- Shiny Equipment Parts can now be stored in the guild and can be send per. Mail.
- Power-Ups and Donate Beads can be dropped from the Wilds Endboss.
- Missing resolutions have been added to the client.
- The content of the GM-Treasure was adjusted.
- The rate of the Shiny Entropia Treasure content has been lowered a little bit.
- Dead Party Leaders will no longer receive anything in Venux when a Party member picks something up next to them.
- The Battleground Guild Sieges have been split.
*These now take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 6:30 PM - UTC+2.
- A few tweaks have been made to the Battleground System.
- Security & bug fixes.

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