[S1 + S2] Summer Sale 2020 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
we have started a Summer Sale on our server! Receives items which are very rarely offered.
We also offer you a Special-Treasure, which contains many items for you.
The summer models will be offered again next year after this sale!
Pokeballs or certain pets you find in this sale will be offered again this year.

Save Red Diamonds with the purchase of Summer Sky Treasure!
You will receive all items listed in the picture + 3 exclusive Sky Treasure Badges!

The Pokeballs are available in the Special Sale for a short time!
You can receive special Pokemon Pet-Models, Badges or Power-Ups from these Balls.

From the Ultraballs and Pokeballs you can get 1 of 3 special Pokemon with some luck, 
which have slightly higher stats than the Venux Unicorn:

- Shiny Mew, Mega Absol, Cosmog -
*Alle Statuswerte+35, PvE Damage+15%, Speed+15%

These 3 rare Pokemon Pets, can be upgraded in the future with Farm Quests,
which gives them status values similar to a Venux Horse.

Get random Divine Weapon Model Skins from the Divine Lucky Box!
This box can be obtained from the Summer Sky Treasure or purchased separately.

The Entropia Cocktail (Power-Up) is now permanently available in the Premium Shop:
PvE Damage+8%, Attack+8%, Penya Rate+5% (3 Days)
*Doesn't expire when you're offline

+ Many more sets, Cloak, Glasses & Pet models.




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