[S2] Patch-Notes: v1.1.0.0 (English)

• The platinum level was raised to 40.
*You get 10 ECPs per. Platinum Level (31-40)
• The Entropia Forest [Level Area] has been unlocked.
• At platinum level 40 you will receive a Shiny Entropia Jewelry Set recipe.
• At Platinum 25 to 30 you will now receive 7 ECPs instead of 10.
*For this new characters can level up directly to platinum level 40.
• All characters who have reached platinum level 30 have a Job Change Ring per. Mail.
• At platinum level 40 you will also receive another binded Job Change Ring added to your inventory.
*New characters who reach Platinum level 30 will receive a binded Job Change Ring in their inventory.
• The Shiny Entropia Jewelry Set can be upgraded with recipes available at NPC Peach.
• The Shiny Entropia Jewelry Set now also requires Shiny Orbs, which can drop from Kalgas, Ankou, Drakul the Diabolic, Dread Drakul the Diabolic.
• The recipes were designed in a way that you have to invest a little more time than on server 1.
*However, this also depends on the content available at the moment.
*By trading with players you should get the upgrades very fast.
*In general the requirements of the recipes are also quickly met.
• The Spirit Dice System has been activated.
*An explanation of the system is below.
• Shiny Entropia Equipment Parts can be converted into Shiny Ingots.
• Shiny Ingots and Black Shiny Ingots can be exchanged in Kebaria for a Black Shiny Equipment Box.
• Our Custom Movement Synchronisation has been adapted again.
• Antialiasing was added in the options.
• Depth of Field has been added in the options.
• Client optimizations
• Security & bug fixes.

In the next patch, we will respond more to user suggestions and add especially desired changes.

With the Spirit Dice System we have built in a way to give items with low bonus values a purpose and let your character grow in PvE!
*Currently only for armor equipment with bonus values (Hat, Suit, Gauntlets, Boots)

You can open the window under Start -> Features -> Spirit Dice.

If you now place one or two items with bonus values in the window, you'll see the chance to make a "spirit dice".

The chance is calculated as follows:
- Maximum bonus values have a chance of 35%.
- If you insert an Item into the Window with an Lower Bonus Value, the Server will automaticly calculate and assign the Chance.

- When you put an item with a maximum bonus value of STR+50 in it, then the chance is +30%.
*For two parts with the highest value (2x STR+50) your chance is +60%

- If you put in an item with a bonus value of STR+25, the chance is 15%. 
*If you put in two items with a bonus value of STR+25 each, your total chance is therefore 30%.

What can you do with the produced Spirit Dice?
You can get additional status values on your character, which only work in PvE!
*The status values can only be increased up to +75 at the moment.
*In PvP areas (except Venux) the stats are not included in your damage.
*The stats are Viewable under "H" (Character Info).

If you use a dice, you have a 35% chance to get a status value (STR, STA, DEX, INT).
The values are added by +1 for each successfully used dice.
Also keep in mind that the system is scheduled for a longer period of time and that you´ll not get the highest bonus of status values in a short time! Consider it as a little extra for the sense of set parts with bad bonus values!

Foreword to the Balance on Entropia.

Hello dear players of Entropia,

We have adjusted the balance on our 2 cluster over the past days. You will learn a few things in the rest of this text, including why this was necessary.

First of all it has to be mentioned that we didn't really know how fast the progress of the game will be. That's why only slight adjustments were made in the beginning. (e.g. all classes got a 15% debuff (except Mentalist))

The first balance has been identical to the balance of Cluster 1 to date. (Except Forcemaster & Seraph)

The biggest change at the start of the 2nd cluster was certainly the modifications of the Forcemaster and the Seraph. There, a middle course between -> ATK Speed and Damage was chosen, because on cluster 1, complaints arose mainly due to the slow "hit animation". 

These Atk Speed adjustments became necessary due to a fix that was installed on our server a few months ago. This fix prevents so-called "ghost hits" which mainly affected players with a higher ping.

You can imagine it like this:
On Entropia there are some extremely high attack speeds and the client is working about 4 times faster than the world server, so the attack processes are piling up, in the past the "piled up" were simply discarded, for people with a low ping who told the server accordingly often: Hey I'm attacking had hardly any suffering from it. People with a high ping whose attack packet was dropped suffered even more.

Why balancing requires a longer preparation time:
First of all, we want every class to have its place in the game. However, it should be mentioned that each class has its advantage and not all of them can be "equal". Furthermore we have different "custom skills" on Entropia which make this even more difficult.
In addition to the custom skills, there are also some game-related things that cannot be changed. For example, it has been noticed over a long period of time that the game reduces some damage when several characters hit a boss. 

This can look like this (example!):

Player 1 makes 20m of damage per second.

Player 2 makes 15m of damage per second.

Player 3 makes 10m of damage per second.

But now it can happen that this happens because of the phenomenon explained above:

Player 2 has 15 m of damage per second.

Player 1 makes 14 m of damage per second.

Player 3 makes 8 m of damage per second. 

Of course these are all examples and it doesn't happen as blatant as shown here. 

But this often leads to the fact that player 1 thinks "Oh I make much less damage although I have better equipment than player 2" and then pushes this on the balance.

-> It is assured that this is not because of the balance, but because of the game mechanics itself. 

"Tests" on totems.
The tests on "dummy" totems are not meaningful. We appeal to you again that these are only suitable for "High Damage Test (Highest damage with one blow)". These dummies have NO stats (no block rate etc) and therefore do not give realistic balance results!

The Balance on Entropia:

The balance on Entropia is kept as realistic as possible. Because of this we test on several monsters with different blockrates.

Of course, this is done in consideration of the problems explained above. For example, we avoid testing 8 characters on 1 target.

Furthermore, the server is balanced on damage per second & not "Who does the most damage in one hit".

The tests are stopped over time, partly even recorded (otherwise with pictures) and documented in several documents. Of course, they are also carried out several times to exclude sources of error. (Only if 3 tests show similar results and this corresponds to what is planned, it will be released) However, not everything from the documents will be published and ask you for understanding. 

The test conditions are the same for every class!

Concluding words & values
As this is of course an ongoing and unfinished project, further adjustments will be necessary as the game progresses (more content, platinum expansions etc). We will do our best to keep the game balanced. Also keep in mind that the classes scale differently, so the current adjustments will be different than in 1 year. 

Furthermore we will not tolerate any more statements regarding "XY only wants to push his classes". These accusations are not tenable, because the balance is approved by several instances and not simply clapped within 2 minutes.

We will also not respond to pictures with DPS ads in the future. Tests under unequal conditions are unfortunately not useful. However, you are welcome to inform us as soon as you have the feeling that something is wrong. We will take a closer look at it under test conditions and adjust things if necessary.

The following buffs/debuffs result from the tests:
Slayer: -2% PVE DMG
Crackshooter: +5% PVE DMG
Templar: -2% PVE DMG
Force Master: +14% PVE DMG
Harlequin: +12% PVE DMG
Seraph: +10% PVE DMG

Furthermore the "Spirit Bomb" skill of the mentalist was buffed.

The Seraph was very weak in tests for 1o1 damage. Therefore he was buffed now. It is still the perfect allround class (AOE, 1o1 & Tank). Although it can't do anything perfectly, it has more possibilities than any other class on the server.

The Arcanist is currently in a very good position (Due to the 1o1 adjustment of the Mentalist). Therefore nothing had to be adapted.

The 1o1 damage has been increased to allow the mentalist to stand out more from the arcanist in terms of 1o1 damage.

The Slayer had the reputation of being the best 1o1 class since his buff with the attack speed on Cluster 1. However, over time he had become more and more distant from the other classes. Therefore, he was now easily generated, but this does not hurt him very much and he remains the best 1o1 class on the server. However, it still has its class specific disadvantages such as its low HP.

The Crackshooter has slightly decreased in damage compared to the Slayer. Therefore it was slightly increased.  In contrast to the Slayer, it still has slight HP advantages.

The Forcemaster was hardly represented as a 1o1 class before the Nerfs/Buffs. One reason for this was that it had difficulties to connect to other classes regarding the 1o1 damage. Therefore he was buffed and is now roughly on the same level as the Crackshooter.

The Templar has always had a very distinct advantage over the other classes. He had CLEARLY more HP which of course also corresponds to his class. Therefore the 1o1 Damage was reduced, which does not worsen its strength (good HP & nevertheless solid damage).

The Harlequin's performance is similar to that of Cluster 1, but in the lower end of the equipment range it is more in the lower end of the range. That's why he was called in to bring him back to the same place where he was on Cluster 1 before. (This will be adjusted again in the course of content enhancements etc., since it is a rather strongly scaling class)




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