Patch-Notes: 22/12/2018 (English)

- The World Boss monster values have been increased on a trial basis.
*The level has been set to 180.
*The HP rate has been raised enormously.
- The monsters in Ankous/Kalga's dungeon now have slightly less block rate. (Normal Mode Only)
- The Guild XP Scrolls (Extra Large) have been replaced with (Large) Scrolls at the Rock, Paper, Scissors Event.
- A shop bug was fixed where some items were back in the inventory when you closed the shop just for changing something in there.
- As soon as you want to fly in the game, the Pets / CS-Pets are automatically placed in the inventory.
- The rate of the Shiny Parts in the Shiny Entropia Treasures has been lowered.
*A massive amount of parts would otherwise be in the Game within another week.
- The speed of the Aurania / Magma Dungeon Boss monster has been increased.
- Custom Name Title Scrolls can be now properly activated and saved.
- Text and item descriptions have been adjusted.
- Minor bugs, security fixes & optimizations were made.
- The HP rate of Behemoth's Sticks will be reduced enormously in the next small patch.

Information for the next patch:
- Over the next week, major known bugs will be fixed and new adjustments will be patched.
*Online EXP bonus saving on all channels.
*Some collectorfield errors will be fixed.
*English/German Text corrections will be patched.
*The Couple Break crash will be fixed.
*The Guildtime reset will then be possible.
*That the Leecher gets no EXP when the party is set to "Level" at Platinum 0 characters will be fixed.
- Further channel performance updates will be added.
- And much more.

Ingame Shop Informations:
- The Ingame Shop will be filled up step by step today.
* Special items will be added during the afternoon (UTC+1 Time).

Entropia team.




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