[S2] Patch-Notes: v1.1.0.2 (English)

• A more recent sound engine (FMOD 2020) has been added to the game.
*The older sound engine was responsible for some crash errors.
*These errors were also triggered when your sound was set to 0% ingame.
*The sound files were still playing at 0% before.
*With the new engine, some errors have been reduced, whether with sound on or off.
• You can now change your keybindings in the options.
*F1 to F9, numbers and the "C" key cannot be changed.
• The Stay Online Buff now works with the maximum effect after two hours online time.
*The error that the buff is at 0 when you relog after 24 hours online time has been fixed.
• The Vote Buff will now last 72 hours until reset, unless you vote and relog again within that time.
• The Vote Buff has been set to maximum for everyone.
• Battleground Guild Sieges will take place at 08:30 PM - UTC+2 on the usual days starting today.
• Shiny Mew, Cosmog, Mega-Absol upgrade recipes have been added to the Alchemy NPC.
• An Entropia Golem upgrade recipe has been added.
• From the Pokeballs you can now get more rare Pokemon with "Venux Horse" status values.
• A Shadow Entropia Golem with Venux Horse stats can now also be obtained from the Loyalty Treasure.
• Augmentation Scrolls can now be farmed daily in the Premium Dungeon.
• The Guild Siege Kill texts have been slightly modified.
• Dungeon timeruns have been shortened by 4 minutes
• Clockworks and the Entropia King world boss now appear additionally once a day at a random time.
*We deliberately abstain from announcing the random spawned ones via Discord when these monsters will appear.
• The speed of the monsters in the Kalgas Dungeon has been increased.
• The rate of the 2011 and 2011 FWC Card in the Treasure Chest has been changed.
• In Kebaria we now offer Fashion Set Boxes in the Exchanger.
• A bug with the Fashion Combine window has been fixed.
*Before the patch it was still detected as open although it was already closed.
• Security & Bugfixes.
• Client optimizations.
• The Donate Reward Bar for Server 2 has been unlocked.
*For an indefinite time it will only fill up for New Donators, because people with their refunded points already have an advantage.
*In the future, the reward bar will be changed again to the spent points to fill it up system.
*We will announce changes soon enough when the time will come.

- Further customizations will be patched tonight via a new Neuz.exe.
- Some changes to the Movement will follow step by step over the next days.
*Speed, character following, outcast
- Larger/further content will be patched by us on the 21/08/2020!




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