[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.0.0.0 (English)

With the update v2.0.0.0 "Aurania Island" one of our bigger farm areas with a lot of content is waiting for you
such as A new weapon row (Black Shiny), Daily Quests, one new dungeon as well as some new power-ups, character badges and fashion / pet models.

First of all we would like to inform you that we will handle the farm area like on our server 1, but in a more difficult way.
The difficulty level has been adjusted to the conditions of a few years ago (exchange, monster damage, monster block rate, monster magic resistance).

The reroll scrolls have been removed in this area on server 2.

The Black Shiny weapon series is an upgrade from the Shiny Entropia weapons.
To create a Black Shiny weapon you need a Destroyed Black Shiny Weapon and a Merge Scroll, which you can get by completing the Daily Quests and Dungeon.
It takes a lot of materials to make such a weapon.

When opening the Black Shiny Weapon Boxes, you must still hope to get a good bonus status value.

When upgrading Shiny Weapons to Black Shiny Weapons, all stats except Diamonds and Merges will be taken into your new weapon if you have a Weapon Merge Scroll.
For more information on how to upgrade Black Shiny Weapons, please visit our Wiki.
*Please note that the wiki may still differ from the values of server 1.

The Black Shiny weapons have a random bonus effect when you open a Black Shiny Weapon box.

The Aurania Temple is now open to you.
Here you can farm material for the Black Shiny Weapon Box, complete a timerun for a special box or, very rarely, get even a Black Shiny Weapon Box from the Endboss.
The boss monsters in this dungeon have a very short range.
*If you get a few meters away from the boss opponent, he will go back to his spawn.

The monster settings are increased enormously compared to server 1.
This dungeon is not designed for solo runs!

The rate on Diamonds of level 10 to 12 is higher in Aurania than in all other dungeons / areas!

You have two daily entries to the dungeon and with an Active Premium Status you can enter this dungeon a third time again.

You will receive daily quests on the Aurania Quest Board!
Complete the quests and receive Aurania Coins, which you can exchange for useful items at the Aurania Village NPCs.

The monsters in this zone have settings that were active on our Server a few years ago for several years.

In the Aurania area you can also encounter Boss monsters, which are also a quest target.
These Boss Monsters also have an increased chance to drop level 10 to 12 Diamonds and they appear on the second server on CH1 and CH2.

  • The bag system has been expanded.
  • You now have more slots in the bag. (Preview)
  • As long as your bag is open, you can right-click items from your inventory to put them into the bag.
    *The other way around is also possible.
  • For each completed Daily Challenge you will receive a "Madrigal Crystals", which you can exchange at the NPC Laura in Flaris for an Expedition Treasure (Weekly) if you have 7 crystals together.
    *You can view the content of the Expedition Treasure in the item Wiki (ingame) with CTRL + right click.
  • The Battleground Guild Siege Kill rewards have been increased from 2 Perin to 4 Perin.
  • The Battleground participants and Top 3 Treasure were revised from the content.
    *Items / models between the two treasures were moved, better items, more currency.
  • The Arcanist in the Battleground mode was weakened by -15% ATK.
  • The templar in battleground mode was weakened by -10% ATK.
    *The battleground balance changes are live adjustable.
  • The error that the Vote Buff went from time to minus numbers was fixed.
  • The Magma Cave Dungeon has received another Non-Premium Entry (4 in total).
  • A timerun in the Magma Cave Dungeon was added.
  • The PvE Damage records were reset due to the Double PvE Damage Chance Event.
  • Some bugs in our movement system have been fixed.
  • Some changes to the movement system from the last patches have been set back to an older version from us.
  • The Boss Monster pursuit range in dungeons has been narrowed down.
    *Adjustments to this can follow in the next patches.
  • A small bug in the implemented sound engine of the last patch was fixed.
  • A bug that caused the game to crash rarely because of pets while teleporting was fixed.
  • The chat system of the game has been optimized and there are now less FPS drops.
  • Security & bug fixes.
  • Client optimizations.




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