[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.0.0.2 (English)

  • Newly created characters get additional Beginner EXP Flasks, which give you +100% more EXP.
    In addition, coupons for other useful beginner items will be distributed in the future.
  • The login window has been reworked and offers you now the function to save your login data, which you enter, in the client.
    - You can either select the account once and press "Load" or you can click your account ID twice to get to the channel selection.
    Your login data is stored encrypted in the client and is visible on the right list when the game starts.
    Attention: Do not give the file "AccountInformation.bin" to anyone! (your data)

    - The login data will be saved in the order in which you enter them.
  • Bonus Upgrade Scrolls for Black Shiny weapons and equipment parts have been added to the Kebaria and Aurania Exchanger.
    - With this scroll you can upgrade existing bonus values of Black Shiny weapons / equipment parts.
    - Both items must have the same item, job class and bonus type. (e.g. STR -> STR)
    - The left weapon/equipment part that gets destroyed must have a higher bonus than your main item.
    - On weapon/equipment parts that do not have a bonus, this scroll will not work.
    - A bonus from a Destroyed Black Shiny Item can be transferred to a Normal Black Shiny Item.
  • The Shiny Sets Effects have been reduced by -5%.
    - Due to the fact that Black Shiny Sets tend to be created with the Upgrade Scroll, the Shiny Set effects have been reduced.
  • The Black Shiny Set Effects have been increased by +5%.
    - There is a difference of ~20% between the Shiny and Black Shiny sets.
  • The Venux Charm (Drop Protection+) item is now available at the ECP-NPC for 50 chip perins.
  • The bag window has been adjusted again and offers you now the function to put items directly into your bag.
  • The "/CounterStart" counter has been adapted and now shows you the stats of perins and chips.
    - "/CounterStop" to stop the counter.
    - "/CounterClean" to reset the counter.
  • The jewelry recipe requirements have been slightly lowered for the P40 Shiny jewelry set and the P40 Upgrade jewelry set.
  • The Anti Kite System in Dungeons has been modified.
    - Normal monsters now follow you around the dungeon again.
    - Boss monsters no longer randomly change targets when certain buffs are used.
  • Through /buff you now don't get RM/BP buffs in the Guild Siege / Rumble if one of these classes is in your party.
  • Security & bug fixes.
  • Client optimizations.

Due to the set changes, the PvP balance in the Normal Guild Siege has also changed.
For the Normal PvP Balance (Not the Battleground Mode) a balancing will follow in the near future.




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