[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.2.0.0 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
in the today's patch we will unlock some content on server 2 for you!
We also did some optimizations on the client and fixed some crashes with your help!

With this patch, you can upgrade your jewelry set in Aurania to an Aura jewelry set.
For the upgrade you will need materials, which you can farm yourself in about 20 days.
The materials are tradable!

For new Aurania Dungeons

You can upgrade your "S" cards to "R" cards at the Card Upgrade NPC in East-Flaris!
The chance of an upgrade is the same as on server 1 and should be known by some people.

When upgrading, there is a risk that three of your cards may break if you don't have a protection scroll
in the upgrade window.

The protection scroll can be purchased from the same Upgrade-NPC for 750x Entropia chips.

The Random Drops in Madrigal for green weapons, sets, jewelry, offi fashion, hair, masks and cloaks
have been removed and are now available for you at the NPCs in Flaris!

Furniture, beads, upgrade material can still be randomly dropped from the monsters.
The Curus Set Parts (BP - PvP Asal Set) can also still be dropped with bonus stats from monsters.

Due to the new content, which has been activated today and that will be added in the future,
we tested the PvE Balance again and made some fine tuning.
In the end almost all classes were improved again.

The tests took place with the following equipment:
Black Equipment / Weapons, R Cards, P50 Pet, Aura Accessory, Default Power-Ups

The AoE range of the following skills was increased by 10% to 20%:
Cross of Blood, Bgvur Tialbold

The AoE range of the following skills has been decreased by -10%:
Multislap, Psychic Square

The damage of the following skills has been halved by -50% in Aurania + Aurania Dungeons
Multislap, Cross of Blood, Bgvur Tialbold, Condor Dive

*Because it was not planned that way and one or two classes with certain skills had advantages.

Fundamental changes to the classes:

- Cross of Blood AOE Range +10%

- Bgvur Tialbold AOE Range+20%
- 1% PVE 1o1 Damage decrease.

- Psychic Square Range decreased -10%
- Spirit Bomb Damage+10%

- Multislap AOE Range+10%
- 1% PVE 1o1 Damage decrease.

- Scaling of Meteo Shower adjusted. Base Damage increased. (Similar to the Seraph Force of Light Skill)
- Eva Storm Range+10%

- 1o1 PVE Damage +7%

- Shiny Set Effect: PvE Damage (1o1) -10% 
-1o1 PVE Damage +2%

- Nothing was changed.

Damage Meter Ranking - Classes (1on1)

Damage Meter Ranking - Mage Classes (1on1)

Damage Meter Ranking - Mage Classes (AoE)

The PvP balance in the Normal Guild Siege has been completely overhauled and is no longer comparable to the old balance.
The balance was brought to an equipment level that can be reached by all players.

Some fine tuning of the PvP Balance in Normal Guild Siege may still follow.
The balance is designed via map buffs, which can be changed by us during live operation.

  • The material requirements of the recipes for the Black Dragon Set's / Cloaks upgrades have been reduced.
    *For the sets you now need 4x 4500 Quest Items.
    *For the cloaks you now need 4x 3500 quest items.
  • Kalgas Set Parts can be purchased from the Kalgas Exchanger for 500 coins.
    *You get the coins from the monsters in the Kalgas Dungeon.
  • The King and Queen of Guild Siege fashion set is now available in the Guild Siege Exchanger.
    *This set require new Special MvP tokens, which you will receive in the top 3 treasures of the normal Guild Siege.
  • The Shiny Equipment Part Rate has been increased in the Shiny Entropia Treasure.
    *You can get this treasure from the Les Britannia/Cove of the Ancients Dungeon.
  • Monster Kill requirements are no longer required in the Official Dungeons.
  • The Secret Room Buffs for the participants and winners now last 7 days.
  • Fixed the bug that guilds counted kingpings as guild leaders in the Secret Room.
    *This caused the Secret Room to be aborted due to another change.
  • New characters receive the required weapons, sets and jewelry directly when they level up from level 1 to 175.
    *Guardian, Legendary Golden, Bloody and Soul Accessory.
  • Client optimizations for better performance.
  • Crash and Securityfixes.
  • Bugsplat optimizations.
  • DirectX optimizations.




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