[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.3.0.0 (English)

• Platinum Level 50 has been unlocked.
• Each character at Platinum 40 has received a Free Job Change Ring.
*With Platinum 50 you will receive another one.
• New EXP Scrolls have been added to the Vote and Donate Shop.
• Platinum Scrolls (41 to 50) are available at the Platinum Manager for 250p.
• You will receive a Pet Upgrade recipe at Platinum Level 50.
*With this recipe you can get a better status pet (250 stats).
*A Bloodhunter must be "sacrificed" for this.
*The Awakes from the Bloodhunter will NOT go over to the new pet.
• From Platinum 41 to Platinum 50 you will accumulate about 130 ECPs.
• With Platinum 50 you get 6 days Premium (Binded).
• More Platinum Level areas have been unlocked.
*Entropia Harbor, Jungle and Swamp.
*The monsters there have an increased HP rate and slightly more damage.
• Player Shops can only be opened in Flaris.
• An option to hide player/vendor characters has been added to the options.
• An option to hide all players that do not belong to the guild or party has been added in the options.
*With CTRL + P you can also additionally hide the guilds/party members.
• The damage dummies in Flaris have been moved to Saint Morning.
• A new recycling window has been added under Start -> Features.
*You can put several items into the window for recycling.
*The Recycling takes 3 seconds per item. Item and will remain so.
• The Project C-A01 (PvE) and Great Venux Tree (PvE/PvP) world bosses were unlocked.
*These world boss monsters appear randomly between 03:00 PM and 11:00 PM - UTC+2.
• Client Optimizations
• Security & Bugfixes.

PvP Balance:
The Normal PvP Balance has been completely reworked again.
If you're interested in the PvP Balance, you can visit our Discord Server in the PvP Balance Channel and get information about the Balance.
The people who have been involved in the balance can explain everything there.
The changes to the PvP balance will also get pinned there.

Premium Shop:
Some items in the Premium Shop were reduced to the old prices (similar to server 1).

• The cost of Ultimate Treasures has been permanently reduced.
*Future Ultimate Treasures will have the same cost. 
• The cost of Premium status has been reduced.
*30 days bundle for 1200 Diamonds (DPs), 15 days for 650 Diamonds (DPs)
• The cost of floating masks was reduced to 1,000 Diamonds (DPs).
• The cost of Dragon Cloaks has been reduced to 700 Diamonds (DPs).
• The cost of Dragon Sets has been reduced to 1,000 Diamonds (DPs).
• The cost of the Dragon Masks has been reduced to 500 Diamonds (DPs)
• The cost of the Guild Furniture Bundles has been reduced to 1,000 Diamonds (DPs)
• The cost of Offline Vendors has been reduced
• Reduced the cost of socketcards to 100 Diamonds (DPs)
• The cost of the Fairy Feedbag has been reduced
• The Shiny Entropia Weapons will get permanently added to the Premium Shop for 1.500 Diamonds (DPs)




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