[S1 + S2] Weekend Sale (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
from today until Monday - 23:59 we offer you an Anarchy Buff Lucky Box and the Entropia Darkness Treasures in our Premium Shop for you!

*The Anarchy Buff Lucky Box is also available on Server 1!

From the Anarchy Buff Lucky Box you can receive different Anarchy Buffs Randomly for the whole server.
You can get completely new Anarchy Buffs, as well as the known ones from the Anarchy Buff-NPC as items.

The Infinity Power and Dove of Luck Anarchy Buff is very rare to get out of this box.

The Entropia Darkness Treasure is available for a short time in the Premium Shop!
This Treasure will only be offered Time Limited on Server 2!

The Treasure can be offered once or twice per. Month from us in the Premium Shop!

Try your luck to get a Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate)!

From this Treasure you can get different power-ups, boxes or ultimate pieces
and with much luck even a Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate)

To use the Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate), your character must be platinum level 40!


We are aware that we had previously announced that we wouldn't be shortening the time span of the treasure releases.
However, it is not inevitable with this one, because we had a lot of players which had a lot of donate points for the server start of Server 2
and therefore we do not have a very high value for the first treasure at the moment.

The price of the first treasure will stabilize in the course of time, just like it did on server 1.
Since we do not offer other particularly items with that much of value in the Premium Shop,
we published this Treasure one month before the actual release, to let something exists which has value
between Donate Points and Ingame Currency.

*Get one out of three random Gryphon Pick-Up Pets!

We currently have the possibility to create a complete custom fashion set for new Donator of the Months!
We will try this again for a few months.

The Donator of the Months will send us one to three possible ideas and we will see which
of this is will be realizable.

The time until the set is created and patched can take up to one or two weeks.

Previous donors of the month will not receive a custom fashion sets afterwards!
*This is also related to if they really would have been a Donator of the Month, if a Custom Fashion Set
was offered earlier already!




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