Patch-Notes: 05/01/2019 (English)

- The Christmas Madrigal, Guild Siege & PvP Arena Map Design has been replaced with the normal one.
- The Christmas music has been removed.
- The Christmas NPCs have been removed.
- The Christmas Grinch has been removed.
- The Damage Dummies are now available on all channels.
- The Online Bonus EXP Buff will now be saved properly when switching Channels.
- The bug that freezes the client in a divorce between characters has been fixed.
- Bound items can now be fused.
- The bug that level 45s weapons could be merged with Entropia, Shiny, Black Shiny, Soulreaver weapons has been fixed.
*You can only merge the following weapons with each other:
"Entropia, Shiny, Black Shiny, Soulreaver Weapons"
- Cards can now be socket faster into your items.
- The bug that some players were "kicked / ghost dc'd" because of too much speed has been fixed.
- Guild Siege Rewards are now properly dealt.
*All participants with 10+ points will receive a Participant Treasure with Guild Siege Coins
- The King's Hearts are now available in the Guild Siege Exchanger for MvP Tokens!
- The name on the Guild Siege Map will now be displayed correctly.
- The speed of the Magma Cave of Kebaria boss "Olbaid" has been lowered slightly.
- The magic defense from the boss "Olbaid" has been increased slightly.
- The Blockrate of the boss "Baldur" in the Magma Cave of Kebaria Dungeon has been slightly increased.
- Fixed a exchange bug on both client languages.
- The bug that you needed Shiny Earings to create the Aura Accessorie in Aurania has been fixed.
* Now you additionally need King's Hearts.
- The Penya rate of the monsters in Flarine till Darkon 1 has been slightly increased.
- The Assist's "Prevention" Buff now has a 30 second cooldown instead of 2 minutes.
- The blockrate of Ankous / Kalga's Dungeon Monsters has been lowered.
- The HP rate of the Aurania "Jewelry" Dungeon Boss Monster has been reduced by approximately 30%.
- The world boss monsters have no more healing.
*The Great Venux Tree's HP-Rate in Venux has been greatly reduced!
- The text when a player draws something from an Entropia Treasure will now be displayed in English!
- Other minor visual adjustments to names / descriptions / window buttons.
- The Premium Lama Bundle has been added to the shop for January!
*In addition to the Premium (30 days) Item, you will receive two badges for your character and a Lama Pick-Up Pet randomly in the color White or Black.
- The Fairy Food (1 day) has been added to the shop for 4000 Vote Points.
- Smaller performance adjustments to the channel.

Information for the next patch:
- There will be more performance adjustments to the channels.
- Smaller class balance changes will follow.
- There will be a few things changed in Venux.
- The skills of some boss monsters are being reworked.
- A few suggestions from the community will be patched.
*If you have any wishes or suggestions, please write us on our Discord Server!
- The suggestions are perceived by us and will be patched in the game if we got enough time.
*A +poll bot will be added to our discord server soon.
- A few adjustments to the homepage will follow.

Entropia team.




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