Patch-Notes: 19/01/2019 (English)

Important Information:
- The server performance has been increased enormously!
* There are no noticeable delays anymore!
- The following server channels have now been removed: Channel 3 and 4
- The Guild Siege and Secret Room is back on Channel 1!
- All open tickets that currently exist will be processed in the next 24 hours!

- The Premium Weekend has started!
* All existing and newly created characters will receive the Premium status until Monday!
* Characters which already have a Premium status will receive an additional three days credit of the Premium status!

Search: Team Members (GM / Wiki)
- We are looking for reinforcement in the team!
* We are looking for two to three new Game Masters!
* We are also looking for people who help us with the guide / wiki!
* The wiki writers are rewarded with a few entropy coins!
- You can apply to us through the ticket system!
* Select the appropriate category on the Ticket Support Site: GM or Wiki application!
* We are only looking for people who have a good knowledge with the English language and got enough experience from the server!
* If the two points are not fulfilled, we will not hire you.
* Applications for the position as a Game Master or a Wiki Member must be written in English!
* Applications in another language will be closed without an answer!

- Some things in the logs, balance adjustments can / will be adjusted in the near or distant future!

- The bug that a window appears in the Magma Cave Dungeon should be fixed. (Test!)
- Bug fixes causing characters to go into a "bug" state with stuns / pulls from the boss monster should be fixed. (Test!)
- The bug that characters crashing in the Crystal Dungeon by summoning certain pets should be fixed. (Test!)

- Status pets are no longer clickable!
- You can now use a hotkey combination to hide other players for you!
* Use the combination: CTRL + P to hide other players.
* Useful for Stores, Collector Characters or fighting Worldboss monsters!
- The font in the English client has been changed!
- For donating anarchy buffs, you will also receive an anarchy buff coupon into your inventory every time!
- Venus Horse Recipe: You now need King's Heart Items instead of Rumble Badges to Upgrade your Unicorn Pet.
- The Entropia Treasure on the Premium Dungeon Exchanger costs now 800 instead of 1000 coins.
- The monsters in the Premium Dungeon have an aggression now.
- Block rate of Kebaria, Aurania + Dungeon Monster (Normal, Captain) has been lowered!
- The Damage & HP Rate of the monsters in the Mystic Valley Dungeon has been slightly reduced.
- The block rate of Arena of Fear Monster & Boss monster has been lowered!
- The HP rate of the Great Venux Tree & Project C-A01 has been lowered again!
- The glyphs in the Crystal Dungeon Exchanger are now available separately!
- The item "Bull Hamster" now lasts one full hour!
- The Shiny Entropia Set Parts now have an NPC retail sell price of 500,000,000 Penya
- If certain socket cards are in your inventory separately, then you can use the recycling function to make them into a stack.
- The Omega Recipe (Ultimate Cloak / Mask Upgrade) has been added to the Alchemy NPC!
* The Omega Cloak / Mask have a slightly better set effect.
* The cost of creating the Omega Items is accordingly high.
* Only the cloak and the mask will be available in an omega form!
- Smaller text adjustments.
- Security & bug fixes.

Secret Room:
- The Secret Room is now back on Channel 1!

- The Crackshooter / Harlequin can not use the skill "Dark Illusion" in Venux anymore!

PvP Rumble:
- You can now exchange Rumble Badges for Guild Siege Coins!
* The Exchange Rate is 2:1

Guild Siege:
- The Guild Siege is now on Channel 1!
- All Guild Siege participants receive the same score per kill!
- The following models will also no longer be updated in the Guild Siege Map to avoid "switch" layers:
Weapons, Shields, Books, Cloaks, Masks
- If someone has active Guild Siege participants or winner buffs active until the next Guild Siege, they lose them when they enter the Guild Siege Map (8:25 pm to 9:00 pm utc+1)
- A new rule has been added:
* If you log out before the end of the Guild Siege and receive no reward from that, it will not be refunded!
* These include: Logout, Process Exit, "Disconnect"!

Class Balance:
* Please keep in mind that in the near or distant future the balance values ​​will be changed / adjusted again!

Crackshooter (Ranger):
- PvP damage has been reduced by -10%!
- The hit rate has been reduced by -5%!

Harlequin (Jester):
- The AoE damage has been increased by about 20%!

Slayer (Blade):
- The ATK rate at the axes has been increased by +10%.
- The critical damage on the Swords has been increased by +10%.

Arcanist (Elementor):
- The skill "Cursed Mind" has been blocked!
- You now receive a +5% Double Damage Chance effect on the Master Skill in addition to the INT values!
- On the Entropia, Shiny Entropia, Black Shiny Entropia and Soulreaver Weapons, the HP rate has been reduced by -10%!
- On the Kalgas, Shiny Entropia, Black Shiny Entropia and Soulreaver Sets, the HP rate has been reduced by -10%!

Seraph (Ringmaster):
- Your Heal skill now heals +150,000 more if you got 400+ INT stated!
- The ATK Effect on the Hernesum and Entanemus Stick has ben reduced by -5%
* If you have an awakened stick, which you would like to use, please write us a ticket via the homepage.
* Anyone who subsequently provides us with a Hernesum/Entanemus Stick with your effects + an Entropia or Shiny Entropia Stick receives the values ​​transferred from the Hernesum/Entanemus Stick.
* You can create a ticket regarding a stick until 20/01/2019 on the homepage!




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