Patch-Notes: 14/02/2019 (English)

- You can now reawake your Two Handed Weapons Fusion Awakenings via the /fusionawake command. *The window is also accessible at the Fusion NPC. - You respawn at the beginning of a dungeon when you press Lodestar after your character dies in the dungeon. - An event island was added, which can be used by the team members for certain events. (Teleporter "V") - Auto power ups are now stored individually for each character. - The Pet Filter settings are now saved individually for each character. - Anarchy Buffs can not be spammed anymore. - The monster elements in some dungeons have been adjusted so you do not have to constantly change the element of your Weapons. - The speed limit of characters in the Trigrem / Ethral dungeon has been lowered. - The damage of the monsters in the Trigrem / Ethral dungeon has been increased. - The Mentalist now has a PvE Damage Buff + 25% (Master Skill) - Items that you have received through the Stay Online Event now have an IP lock. - If you create online characters for the Stay Online Event, only the first 10 logged in characters from your IP will receive the Event Items automatically. - In the Magma Cave Dungeon, the Demon Eggs were replaced by other Boss monsters. - You can get the new Magma Cave Weapon Models from [Boss] Olbaid in the Magma Cave Dungeon. *The chance to drop them is very low. - New female and male faces have been added to Makeup NPC. - Several new models have been added to the game. *Some of them will be provided in events or sold limited in the Premium Shop. - Some texts in the game have been adjusted. - Security & Bugfixes. *Including the bug, that in the dungeons no monsters are displayed for yourself. - Server Performance Upgrades. - The Premium Shop will be converted with the Limited Fashion Sets during the weekend and will offer certain sets permanently! *Special sets will still be offered limited sometimes. - Other planned changes that did not make it into this patch will come in the next week. *Suggestions are welcome on our Discord server! So let us have your suggestions there! - - More changes in this patch will be added tomorrow to this Patchnotice, the most important one being written down now. Event: - The Valentine's Day event has started and runs until 24.02.2019 - The Red Mocomochi Event has started. *You will receive Valentine's Day Boxes from them, which contain valuable items such as *The Mochikochis appear everywhere in Madrigal (+ Trigrem / Ethral) Event Power-Ups, Entropia Chips, Perins, Buff Pets, Badges or Premium. - The Cupid Power Event has started. *With some luck you can get the required Quest Items for the Valentine's Day event from all Level 15+ monsters. *You can also find the items you can get from this NPC. *The items the Valentine's NPC Exchange are only available for this event! - The Stay Online Event has been started. - You will receive 5 Love Chocolate's every hour to exchange all items of Valentine's Day Event-NPC "Lara". - The drop rate of the Event Quest Items increases from day to day! - More events are still planned and will be announced, be curious! - There will also be special items available in the Premium Shop. - Exact details of this event will follow in the next 6-10 hours.




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