Patch-Notes: 26/02/2019 (English)


- The next patch with more community suggestions will follow this week!
- The Missing Fashion Sets in the Premium Shop will be added till tomorrow!
*Sorry for the delay.

Hotfix: 27.02.2019
- The description of the PvE Diamonds has been adjusted.
- The bug that caused to disappear the CS / Stat-Pet Model Skins has been fixed.
- The Vote window will no longer appear when teleporting.
- The bug that dungeons won't reset when logging out or getting a disconnect has been fixed.
- The bug that the additional status values ​​disappear from the Online Buff has been fixed.
- The range of the skill "Asal" has been reduced.
- Other security & bugfixes.

Important note:
- If you miss modeled CS or Pet Models, please open a ticket on our homepage.
We will check this very carefully!
Please tell us your character name in the ticket and which pet model you had on which pet!
- We will start a Event at the Weekend as a compensation for the Crashes after the Server maintenance today.

- A new vote system has been added!
*Voting is only pssible through the game.
*The Vote button on our homepage has been removed.
*The new System will be explained when we get listed on GTOP100 again.
*Right now it is not possible to Vote or get Points!

Patch Notes:

- The box / treasure view system has been added.

*You can now use CTRL + RIGHT CLICK on a box / treasure to see the contents of this box / treasure.
*This feature is currently available in the inventory, NPC shop, item wiki and black market.
*Other windows from where you can see the box/treasure content will follow in the next patch.

- The Diamonds of PvE have been edited!
- The new effects are:
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 1 = 1%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 2 = 3%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 3 = 5%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 4 = 7%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 5 = 9%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 6 = 11%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 7 = 14%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 8 = 17%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 9 = 20%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 10 = 21%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 11 = 23%
*PvE Diamond Lvl. 12 = 25%

- The Online EXP Buff has been edited!
*You will now receive additional status values for just being online!
*With 5 hours of online time you will also receive an All +15 status and a Penya Rate + 5% effect!

- The HP and block rate of the World Boss Monsters has been raised slightly.
- The Boss monsters in the Trigrem / Ethral dungeon have been reduced by the damage. (Test)
- Pressing CTRL + F will show you your ping to the server.
- Active guild items are now displayed as DAY:MIN:SEC
- The quest items in Eden are automatically placed in your inventory.
- The speed of some monsters has been increased. (eg Aminus, Kalgas Dungeon)
- Premium Lucky Box Rate has been changed.
*The rate of the worthless tickets has been reduced.
The Diamond Battery (3 days) has been increased to (7 days).
- The Roulette on Platinum 50 has been redesigned.
*The chance for Bound Awakening Augmentations has been increased.
- The bonus Stat-Reroll scrolls and recipes are now available!
*They are available from the NPCs / Exchangers in Kebaria or Aurania.
*The costs as they are now have been chosen deliberately.
- You can now exchange your Fashion Collector Chips for Fashion Collector Chip Perins.
- The spawn of the Rabbit Warriors in Dark Traseia has been increased.
- The Cute Pokemon Pets can now be exchanged for Status Pet Models at the Pet Tamer.
- Another black market place was added because some players had frame problems due to the number of players.
*Both locations are available via the teleporter under "V".
*It is recommended to hide the other players at auctions in addition. (Press CTRL + P for that)
- The Collector is now equipable with level1!
- New Item Models have been added to the game.
*These will be offered in the Premium Shop as "limited offers" in the future!
- The blood orbs are now tradable!
*The prices of the items that need blood orb, was raised slightly.
*We will, observe this change and reset it if necessary.
- The Magma Cave Dungeon Bridge was removed by us and replaced with a normal path.
- The bridge in Mystic Valley Dungeon has been removed.
- Now you have more life's in the Guild Siege. (+5)

Class Balance:
- The map buff in the Guild Siege Arena (PvP damage +5%) has been removed.
- The Penya Strike damage has been increased by +5%.

- The bug that dungeons do not reset when you disconnect or log out has been fixed.
- Several bugs that have been deliberately triggered and caused a database crash have been fixed.
- Fixed a fatal error, which was responsible for the sudden display of random windows or invisible players / NPCs. (Maybe a slight improvement on server performance)
- The bug that wingmask skins disappear after a server restart has been fixed.
- You can model Hat's without a gender on Male or Female Hat's again!
- General performance improvements.
- Other security & bugfixes.

Magma Cave Weapon Skins:
Since we did not introduce the new Magma Weapons Models in the last log, we do it now!
You can get them in the Magma Cave Dungeon with a small chance.




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