Patch-Notes: 10/04/2019 (English)

This maintenance was done earlier because some important things had to be fixed.
This patch is not the completed planned patch and only includes some features that are already included!
Balance changes and other changes will come in the next patch, which will probably take place tomorrow night (11.04. -> 12.04.)!

Patch-Notes - Part 1:
- The Normal & Black Destruction Cloak will give you the additional drop +1 effect now!
*This is the exact same effect as the Cloak of Honour!
- Now you can confirm the shop search with the key "Enter"!
- The error, that the Hat is shown wrong in the equipment view of other characters, has been fixed.
- The Arena of Fear is now displayed in the Dungeon Cooldown.
*There is one more bug with the time, it will be fixed in the next patch.
- The speed of Animated World Objects has been adjusted.
*This was too fast due to a previous patch.
- The Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate) can only be activated with Platinum Level 50!
- A Weapon Shining Checkbox has been added in the Modelviewer!
- Couple buffs now work on both channels regardless of whether the characters are on the same channel or not.
- The fashion models (equipment checkboxes) no longer hide themselves automatically!
*When the characters logged in, they sometimes deactivated themselves earlier.
- The guild name color now changes directly without relogging when using the guild name Colorchange Scroll.
- A bug in the badge system has been fixed.
- In the PvP Rumble the fairy/angel now also becomes invisible when using the skill "Dark Illusion".
- The Venux, Kebaria and Aurania Quest items will now be automatically added to your inventory when you kill a monster.
- When you finish a dungeon that has more entries left, a window will appear, which will asking you if you want to teleport to the dungeon entrance, to do the dungeon again.
*Any party member that confirms the window in the dungeon will teleport the entire party from the dungeon to the entrance!
- Minor text adjustments.
- Performance/Positioning optimizations.
- Crash/Bugfixes were installed.
*More will follow in the next patch!
- Security Fixes

More follows in the second part of the patch!




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