Patch-Notes: 22/04/2020 (English)

Today you can expect a slightly smaller patch with a few adjustments.
Other minor changes, which are of major importance, will follow in the course of this week.
We will go into more details below.

Also we will make some changes to the homepage design within the next days.


  • The Power-Up and Party Buff Icons have been scaled down enormously.
    *Kleinere Anpassungen wie die Power-Ups weiter nach Rechts/Links verschieben oder etwas mehr Abstand zwischen den Icons einfügen, wird Heute im laufe des Tages mit einem Neuz.exe Patch (Kein Serverneustart) geändert.
  • The party leader will not be changed for 2 minutes if the party leader is offline (e.g. a disconnect).
  • Die Funktion, nicht mehr zu laufen beim Handeln wurde Angepasst und sollte nun wie geplant funktionieren.
  • Fixed the bug where you could no longer summon Status Pets after teleporting with an NPC trade window open.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not activate anarchy buffs when you have the awakening window open.
  • Die Preise der Anarchy Buffs wurden leicht angehoben!
  • If you have a wardrobe token in use and want to modelchange a Status Pet Model, it will no longer be modeled as a (wardrobe) model.
  • Der Fehler, dass Entropia Chips nicht wie gehabt Automatisch in Entropia Chip Perins konvertiert werden, wenn man eine Instant Loot Scroll Aktiv hat, wurde behoben.
  • The damage from the Earth & Wind Golem in the Golem Temple dungeon has been reduced by -20%.
  • The range from the end boss in the Golem Temple was slightly increased.
  • The bug that the Ingame Premium Shop does not move with the game was fixed.


  • The bug that level 3 Penya Diamonds cannot be socketed into a weapon will be fixed in the next patch later this week.
  • The rate of the Card Battery (High) will be adjusted during the week.
    *The chance of R-Card Pieces will get increased.
  • Also you can expect a few more small adjustments & bug fixes.
  • Larger systems that take a little more time (weeks) are currently being worked on.




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